Recognizing Liver Symptoms Before It's Too Late

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Recognizing Liver Symptoms Before It's Too Late
Recognizing Liver Symptoms Before It's Too Late

Liver symptoms are very diverse, but usually only appear after the liver has suffered damage or a drastic decline in function. Recognize the symptoms of the liver so that this disease can be detected and treated as early as possible

When liver or liver function is disturbed, there are various complaints that may be felt. Complaints that arise can be different for each patient and depend on the severity of the liver disease suffered.

Recognize Liver Symptoms Before It's Too Late - Alodokter

Liver symptoms are very mild and some are not felt at all. If left untreated, liver disease can lead to liver failure or permanent liver damage. If it's like that, the only way to overcome it is with a liver transplant.

Various Symptoms of Liver

The following are various liver symptoms that you should be aware of and check with your doctor:

1. Yellowing skin and eyes

One of the common liver symptoms is yellowing of the skin and eyes. This condition, known as jaundice, is caused when the liver cannot process bilirubin properly. As a result, bilirubin builds up in the blood and makes the skin and eyes yellow.

2. Swollen belly

The next symptom of the liver is a swollen stomach due to fluid that has accumulated in the abdominal cavity. This condition called ascites is usually experienced by people with cirrhosis.

At first, ascites was just an increase in waist circumference and weight. However, if the disease gets worse, this liver symptom can make the sufferer's stomach so swollen that it causes shortness of breath.

3. Itchy skin

Liver disease can be characterized by the appearance of itchy skin, both on one part of the body or the whole body. This condition can be triggered by various things, one of which is the buildup of bile s alts under the skin.

The itching can be so severe that you can't sleep or stop yourself from scratching.

4. Easy bruising and bleeding

The next symptom of the liver is easy bruising. One of the functions of the liver is to produce proteins needed for the blood clotting process. When liver function is compromised, protein production is reduced, so bruising is easy even from a minor impact.

In addition to the various conditions above, other liver symptoms that may appear are chronic fatigue, swelling of the feet and ankles, dark urine color, black or pale stools, nausea, vomiting, and no appetite.

Maintain Liver He alth

Liver disease is mostly caused by 3 factors, namely obesity, late diagnosed hepatitis infection, and alcoholism addiction.

In addition, this disease can also be caused by exposure to toxic substances, diabetes, high cholesterol, and consumption of supplements whose effectiveness and safety are not guaranteed.

To avoid liver disease, you should start living a he althy lifestyle, such as:

  • Maintaining ideal body weight
  • Restricting consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Completing the status of hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines
  • Consuming food that is hygienic or kept clean

If you are experiencing liver symptoms as mentioned above, especially if you are at high risk of developing liver disease, you should consult a doctor for proper examination and treatment.

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