Should I Delay Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Should I Delay Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Should I Delay Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Pregnant women are one of the people who are vulnerable to the Corona virus. However, since this pandemic took place, unexpectedly the pregnancy rate has skyrocketed. So, should couples delay pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) revealed that the pregnancy rate soared during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pregnancy is indeed good news. However, not a few of the pregnancies that occurred during this pandemic were unplanned pregnancies or the result of "conceding".

Should I Delay Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic? - Alodokter

The Reasons Behind the Importance of Postponing Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Actually getting pregnant during the outbreak of the Corona virus is not prohibited. However, it would be wiser if a married couple of childbearing age postpones plans to have children until the COVID-19 pandemic is over or gradually improves.

You need to know that during pregnancy, the hormones in your body undergo changes. This can cause your immune system to decrease so you are more susceptible to infections, including the Corona virus infection.

In fact, even a small infection can turn into a very serious disease if it infects pregnant women. A study states that pregnant women with COVID-19 are more at risk of experiencing severe symptoms and requiring intensive care and breathing equipment in the ICU.

This of course greatly affects the safety of the mother and fetus during pregnancy.

So far, there is no evidence that the Corona virus can be transmitted from pregnant women to their unborn babies. However, if a pregnant woman is infected with the Corona virus in the first trimester of pregnancy, the high fever that occurs can increase the risk of birth defects in the baby.

In addition, pregnancy check-ups in the midst of a pandemic like this tend to be more difficult and you have to be extra careful than before. The schedule for pregnancy control may also be reduced to reduce your risk of exposure to the Corona virus in the hospital. In fact, monitoring the he alth condition of the mother and fetus is very important during pregnancy.

In addition, there will be more costs to buy PPE (personal protective equipment) and to do a COVID-19 test during delivery. This of course can be burdensome if the cost of giving birth is not carefully planned in advance.

That's why you are advised to postpone pregnancy during this pandemic. Well, there are various ways you can do to delay pregnancy, for example by not having sex during your fertile period or using contraceptives, such as condoms or birth control pills.

This call to postpone pregnancy doesn't mean that everyone can't get pregnant during the pandemic. If you have been trying to have children for a long time but have not succeeded, are over 35 years old, or intend to have a pregnancy program, delaying pregnancy is not recommended. This is because the more you delay, the lower your chances of getting pregnant.

However, during the pregnancy program, make sure you are both in good he alth and do the best possible prevention of the Corona virus, okay.

Besides that, it doesn't mean that during this pandemic, you and your partner can't prepare for pregnancy, you know. This can actually be an opportunity for you and your partner to prepare for a he althy pregnancy.

While waiting for the pandemic to end, adopt a he althy lifestyle, such as eating he althy food, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking. That way, you will be more protected from the Corona virus and better prepared to welcome pregnancy later.

If in doubt whether to delay pregnancy during this pandemic or not, you should discuss it with your doctor. No need to go straight to the hospital, really. You can consult via chat with a doctor in the ALODOKTER application. If an examination is necessary, you can also make an appointment with a doctor at the hospital through this application.

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