Facts Behind Using Baby Telon Oil

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Facts Behind Using Baby Telon Oil
Facts Behind Using Baby Telon Oil

Baby telon oil feels like it has become something that parents must give after bathing their children. Besides being known for its fragrant aroma, telon oil also has various benefits for your little one which are important for you to know, you know

Telon oil is an oil made from 3 types of natural oils, namely eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, and fennel oil. The combination of these three natural oils provides different benefits in the care of babies and children.

Facts Behind Using Baby Telon Oil - Alodokter

Benefits of Using Baby Telon Oil

The following are some of the benefits of using telon oil on babies:

1. Warm up the body

When applying telon oil, the content of eucalyptus oil will widen the peripheral blood vessels, resulting in a warm sensation on the baby's skin. This is one of the reasons why parents always apply telon oil after bathing their babies.

2. Moisturizing skin

The coconut oil content in telon oil is able to moisturize baby's skin, so that it avoids dry skin problems. Dry skin in babies is a common thing in early life. One of the treatments is to apply telon oil after the baby takes a bath.

3. Overcoming flatulence

Babies are easy to experience flatulence considering their digestive system is not yet fully developed. This situation can cause pain and interfere with comfort, especially if the amount of gas in the stomach is excessive.

To overcome this, Mother can apply telon oil on the baby's stomach to taste. The feeling of warmth in the baby's body is believed to be able to overcome the flatulence and pain it causes.

4. Prevent mosquito bites

Telon oil is also effective in repelling and preventing mosquito bites. This can happen because the anetol content in fennel oil in telon oil has a distinctive aroma. This scent is not liked by mosquitoes, including the Aedes aegypti mosquito which can cause dengue fever.

5. Soothes baby during massage

When massaging a baby, it is recommended that you use lotion or baby oil. One of the oils that you can use is telon oil. In addition to making the skin feel soft and easy to massage, Telon oil also provides warmth to the baby's body and can relax the muscles.

Various Types of Baby Telon Oil that are Safe to Use

There are various types of telon oil products on the market. In fact, not a few combine telon oil with several other natural oils. Therefore, make sure the content in telon oil is safe for your little one, yes.

The following are examples of safe ingredients for babies and their benefits:

  • Chamomile, which is believed to have a calming effect so that babies fall asleep quickly and reduce symptoms of colic, including bloating, in babies
  • Cajuput, which can overcome congestion when the baby has a cold
  • Citronella, which is believed to be effective in repelling mosquitoes and reducing colic symptoms in babies. This effect can be more optimal when combined with other essential oils, such as fennel oil
  • Lemon, which has a mood-boosting effect and is suitable for use after waking up to make the baby more excited
  • Ginger, which is able to provide protection from mosquito bites longer so it is suitable to be given to your little one when going out of the house or in an environment where there are lots of mosquitoes

Some telon oil products with or without a combination of additional natural oils are generally safe to use for babies. Even so, mothers also need to remember that telon oil is classified as an irritant so that excessive use can cause irritation or rashes on the baby's skin.

So, if your little one's skin is sensitive or has eczema, you should avoid using telon oil, OK.

Although baby telon oil has a number of benefits, it's a good idea to consult with your doctor first regarding the dosage and safety of its use to prevent unwanted side effects on your little one's skin.

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