Tips to strengthen each other when the baby is not present

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Tips to strengthen each other when the baby is not present
Tips to strengthen each other when the baby is not present

Not all married couples are lucky and are immediately blessed with offspring after marriage. The absence of a baby in your life can certainly invite feelings of disappointment and sadness that are very deep. So, in order to strengthen each other, let's take a look at the tips below

Many people think that having children is easy and every married couple will definitely have children. In fact, there are not a few married couples who have to go up and down in order to have children.

Tips to strengthen each other when your baby is not present - Alodokter

Various efforts have been made, starting from having sex regularly, adopting a he althy lifestyle, conducting he alth checks, to participating in pregnancy or promil programs. However, the figure of a tiny angel in this world is not present.

6 Tips Through Childless Marriage

It's natural to feel jealous of your friends or relatives who already have children. Sometimes, the absence of children in your household can cause problems and disputes in the extended family. But you need to know, a happy marriage is not solely measured by having children or not.

So that you and your husband are able to go through this situation, you can do some of these tips, including:

1. Sincerely accept reality

If you and your partner have tried various ways to have children but have not succeeded, be patient and sincerely accept the reality.Children are sustenance whose arrival is God's will. So as long as you try and pray, believe me there will be a chance to meet your baby.

2. Open up with your partner about the social pressures you face

Scorn and negative talk from other people can sometimes be very hurtful, especially if you and your husband are labeled as barren and can't have children. Ridicule and insults like this can really hurt a woman's self-esteem to the point of causing stress and depression, you know.

Instead of being kept to yourself, it's better for you to open up to each other and express the pressures you are facing, yes, no matter how small the pressure is. That way, the burden of your mind will feel lighter and you can go through your days more calmly.

3. Seeing the positive side more time with partner

Not having children is not something that must be mourned every day. Try to see this from the positive side. Having no children can actually make you spend more time alone with your husband.

You must have understood, after officially bearing the status of a mother, your responsibilities will also increase. Your activities may also be more limited, because children need your priority. With a baby yet, you and your husband can do everything that might be difficult to do if you have children.

For example, going to see a movie until midnight, hiking in the mountains, traveling out of town for a few days, exercising together, and enjoying a music concert. Besides being fun, these activities can certainly increase the intimacy of the relationship between the two of you.

4. Making new plans and pursuing unfulfilled desires

If you or your husband have unfulfilled wishes and plans, this is the right time to make them happen. In this condition you can be more active and productive, for example you can take cooking or sewing classes, continue your education, work with your friends, or start a business with your husband.

5. Looking for other media to channel love

The feeling of wanting to have children can arise at any time when your motherly nature appears. This motherly trait can be a feeling of wanting to care for and give your love to someone who really needs you, for example a child.

Grooming and caring for pets is one way to channel your love. Adorable and very cute pets also color your day.

In addition, you can participate in various positive social organizations or activities. That way, you can add friends and connections, you know. Indeed, it cannot be compared to having children. However, at least this way can drive away your loneliness, and make you more developed and confident.

6. Looking for support from an environment that has not had children

Not having children yet doesn't mean you have to be alone and withdraw from your surroundings, right? Calm down, this condition is not only experienced by the two of you, really. There are a lot of couples out there going through the same thing.

Well, there's nothing wrong, you know, if you seek support from people who don't have children either. Because of your comrades in arms, you can feel like you're not alone.

If the tips above haven't been able to stem your sadness and your and your partner's desire to have children soon, you can consider adopting a child or trying to get pregnant again. However, if you are not mentally and financially ready, there is no need to be discouraged and focus on continuing to build a household with love.

The words of other people can be very burdensome for couples who are waiting for the presence of a baby. You really can't control what other people will say to you or your husband. However, you can choose between listening and being sad or ignoring and moving on.

However, if people's words start to make you depressed, sad, overthinking, and can't even stop thinking about this matter, it's best if you consult a psychiatrist or psychologist so that all these negative feelings don't drag on.

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