Mom and Dad, Recognize the Symptoms of Game Addiction in Children and How to Overcome It

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Mom and Dad, Recognize the Symptoms of Game Addiction in Children and How to Overcome It
Mom and Dad, Recognize the Symptoms of Game Addiction in Children and How to Overcome It

Allowing children to play games too often can make them addicted to games, you know. This can have a negative impact on their growth and development and social life. Therefore, it is important for mothers and fathers to recognize the symptoms of game addiction in children and how to overcome them

Playing games on mobile phones, computers, or tablets can be a means of entertainment for children to fill their spare time. Not only that, playing games can also hone children's skills in solving problems, training their leadership spirit, and increasing their knowledge.

Mothers and Fathers, Recognize the Symptoms of Game Addiction in Children and How to Overcome Them - Alodokter

Although useful, children can become addicted to games if they are allowed to play as they please. Well, don't let this happen, okay? Children who are addicted to games tend to have bad behavior, have difficulty socializing, and are prone to feeling lonely. He is also more at risk for sleep disorders and obesity.

Symptoms of Game Addiction in Children

So that children avoid being addicted to games, Mom and Dad must be observant of the changes in behavior shown by the Little One. The following are symptoms of game addiction that Mom and Dad can recognize:

  • Spent a lot of time playing games
  • Feeling restless when not playing games
  • Refusing to play with friends outside the house
  • Refusing to do things that were previously liked to play games
  • Playing games takes priority over other activities
  • Get angry or throw a tantrum when asked to stop playing the game
  • irregular sleep cycle
  • Loss of appetite
  • achievement in school decreases
  • Often complains of pain in the head, neck, and upper back
  • Easily irritated and angry when socializing or even to parents
  • Lying to parents about how much time it takes to play games
  • Mood gets better just by playing games

This is How to Overcome Children Who Are Addicted to Games

If your little one shows symptoms of game addiction as above, Mom and Dad don't just give up and let him just keep going, okay? The two of you must immediately take a stand so that he avoids the bad effects of game addiction.

The following are steps that can be applied to overcome game addiction in children:

1. Set a time limit for children to play games

If your little one is 2–5 years old, allow him to play games for only 1 hour per day. After the Little One is 6 years old or more, the duration of playing the game can be determined according to the agreement with him. For example, your little one may only play games for a maximum of 2 hours a day or on weekends.

Mom and Dad need to be firm in setting a time limit for your little one to play games, huh. Teach him to ask permission first before playing the game and return the game to Mom or Dad after using it.

2. Accompany children while playing games

To overcome game addiction in children, it is recommended that mothers and fathers accompany their little ones when playing games. Remind your little one to stop playing and do other activities, such as eating or studying, when playtime is up.

Mom and Dad can also participate in Little One's games and choose educational games for them. In this way, children will also avoid games that contain violence and pornography.

3. Invite children to do fun activities

So that your little one's mind is distracted from the game, invite him to do other activities that are no less fun, such as drawing or coloring together, cooking together, and gardening at the house. Mom and Dad can also invite him to exercise.

5. Set the consequences if the rules are not obeyed

Setting consequences if a child does not obey the rules can be a way to overcome game addiction. However, this consequence does not mean that Mom and Dad can give him physical punishment, such as hitting or pinching the Little One, right.

The consequences in question can be said to be "good punishments", for example reducing time playing games, watching television, or other entertainment facilities that your little one likes.That way, he will try to obey the rules that have been made so as not to get a reduction in playing time.

Besides the consequences, also give your little one an award if he manages to obey the rules that have been made, for example by serving his favorite food or taking him on a trip. This will also train discipline in children.

Overcoming game addiction in children is not an easy matter. Mom and Dad can't just confiscate children's games forever and hope the addiction can be overcome. This will have a bad impact on the child's mental he alth.

Recognize the symptoms and apply the steps above to overcome game addiction in children. If Mom and Dad find it difficult to deal with it, don't hesitate to take your little one to a psychologist or psychiatrist to get further treatment.

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