Should Newborns Wear Gloves All the Time?

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Should Newborns Wear Gloves All the Time?
Should Newborns Wear Gloves All the Time?

Some parents believe that the use of gloves for newborns is a must. The reason is because this cloth object is able to keep your little one's hands from getting cold. However, do these gloves have to be worn at all times?

Actually, gloves are not mandatory for you to buy because these things tend to be rarely needed. If you think that your newborn's hands that look bluish and cold are a sign that they are cold, you may be mistaken.

Should Newborns Wear Gloves All the Time? - Alodokter

It's normal for a newborn's hands and feet to feel cold and bluish in color. This condition does not always indicate the Little One is cold or experiencing an illness, really. As long as the baby is comfortable and not fussy, it means his body is fine.

When is the right time for babies to wear gloves?

So, can newborns wear gloves? The answer is yes. However, not every time, yes, Bun.

Newborn babies certainly can't convey their wishes. One of the ways babies can tell they are hungry is to put their hands in their mouths. The presence of gloves can prevent this, making it difficult for you to recognize hunger signals from him.

In addition, the use of gloves on newborns is also only recommended until he is 2 months old.Over the age of 2 months, generally the baby's hands have begun to be able to reach and grip his mother's fingers or toys given to him. This is a good sign that he is developing motor skills.

Well, continuous use of gloves can actually hinder the motor development of the baby's hands because gloves cause hand movements to become more limited and prevent them from touching various objects.

If you purposely put gloves on your little one with the reason that his sharp nails hurt his face, it would be better if you cut his nails regularly.

Baby nails tend to grow faster than adults. However, wearing gloves constantly can actually make you forget to cut your little one's nails. From time to time, the long nails could scratch his cheeks.

Gloves for newborns are not prohibited.If the air is cold, the use of gloves with the aim of warming the baby is allowed. However, pay attention to the age and needs of the baby, yes. Don't let gloves restrict your baby from exploring the objects around him.

Let your little one actively move according to his will. If your hands are dirty from holding many objects or often put in your mouth, wash your hands or wipe them with a wet tissue so that your hands are clean and free of germs.

If your little one's hands don't look active when they are over 2 months old even though you have taken off their gloves, consult a doctor for proper examination and treatment.

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