Crab Mentality: Other People's Attitudes That Inhibit Your Success

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Crab Mentality: Other People's Attitudes That Inhibit Your Success
Crab Mentality: Other People's Attitudes That Inhibit Your Success

Crab mentality is a term to describe a person's attitude that hinders the success of others. This attitude is a form of unfair competition that can harm others

The term crab mentality describes a trait that is analogous to the nature of a crab when it is crowded in a bucket. If one of the crabs manages to climb up and is about to get out of the bucket, the other crabs will pinch and pull the crab back into the bucket.

Crab Mentality: Other People's Attitudes That Inhibit Your Success - Alodokter

The behavior of this crab can be said as a form of solidarity because he doesn't want his friend to get out of the bucket and be eaten by predators. However, in humans, this is more interpreted as a selfish attitude or jealousy towards the achievements of others that makes someone try to pull their friends down so as not to achieve success.

This is the Cause of Crab Mentality

It is undeniable that humans naturally tend to live in groups. This will make it easier for humans to achieve a goal. In group life, being competitive is natural and can even be beneficial.

However, excessively competitive nature can actually make a person experience a crab mentality. In addition, low self-confidence, envy, hopelessness, and even depression can also foster a crab mentality attitude.

The mindset of people who have a crab mentality is generally unhe althy. “If I can't get what I want, you can't get it either.”

That person even though he could have tried harder to achieve his goals, but his sense of hopelessness and low self-confidence made him choose to stop fighting and “invite” others to stay at his level of achievement so he doesn't feel left behind.

Crab mentality can also be caused by someone's dependence on group life. The departure of one member of the group will make it difficult for the group to develop, especially if the one who leaves is a very influential person.

Therefore, people with crab mentality will try to hold back their friends who are about to leave so that they remain in the group.

The ways in which individuals can be derailed from success can vary, for example, making comments that ridicule or scare others into being reluctant to continue their efforts.

How to Avoid Crab Mentality

Being in a group with people who have a crab mentality can make you insecure, always feel pressured, uncomfortable to carry out daily activities, and lose opportunities to develop yourself.

Therefore, it is important for you to know how to avoid people with a crab mentality to be able to achieve the success you want. These methods include:

1. Stay persistent to achieve success

In order to achieve success, you must remain optimistic and believe in yourself, yes. When someone else makes negative comments, close your ears and keep doing what you think is right. That way, you won't be bothered by other people's criticism or innuendo for what you do.

2. Continue to develop your own abilities

Try to continue to be enthusiastic in developing your abilities, so that your self-confidence will increase and not be easily provoked by other people's comments. You can develop skills or try things you've never done before.

3. Self-evaluation when you feel like a failure

Achieving a goal is not without failure. However, don't let failure make you give up and swallow other people's negative comments that can actually make you worse.

Remember that in every failure there is always a lesson to be learned. So, try to evaluate yourself for the failures that you experience. That way, your self-confidence will bounce back and you will be even more excited to achieve success.

4. Group with supportive people

Leaving a group with people who have a crab mentality, especially if they are old friends, is not easy. However, staying in the group will only make it harder for you to achieve success.

Well, start to reduce gathering with the old group and add new, more supportive friends. So, when you are on your way to success, you have another supportive group to encourage you.

Crab mentality in other people can have a big impact on you, from lowering your self-confidence to hindering your success. Even so, keep in mind, you don't need to be upset or angry with people who have a crab mentality, because it's just a waste of your time and energy.

Better focus your attention on achieving the success you dream of and leave them with their own problems. Stick to your stance and apply the ways to survive from people with crab mentality as described above.

However, if you really feel that the treatment of people with the crab mentality really brings you down and makes you want to give up, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist, OK.

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