Know the Cause Behind Smelly Ears

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Know the Cause Behind Smelly Ears
Know the Cause Behind Smelly Ears

Smelly ears should not be ignored, as this can be a sign of an ear problem. Not only smelly ears, disturbances that occur are also at risk of causing the ears to become red, swollen, pus, or bleed, and even cause hearing loss

Normally, earwax does not emit an unpleasant odor. However, if there are certain ear disorders, the earwax produced can become smelly. What are these disorders? Check out the description below.

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Causes of Smelly Ears

The following are some conditions that can cause smelly ears:

1. Ear infection

Ear infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi, and most often occur in the middle ear.

Not only earwax buildup, ear infections can also cause discharge of pus, even blood. This mixture of earwax, pus, blood, and bacteria is what causes smelly ears.

2. Presence of foreign body in ear

The entry of foreign objects into the ear can cause pain, inflammation, and smelly ears. This condition is commonly found in children, because they often insert foreign objects into the ear, such as beads and food debris.

Meanwhile in adults, the cause can be due to insect entry or because the head of the cotton bud is left in the ear canal when picking the ear.

3. Cholesteatoma

Cholesteatoma is a condition when there is an uncontrolled growth of skin in the middle of the ear or behind the eardrum. This condition generally occurs in people who have repeated ear infections, but there are also people who are born with this condition.

Cholesteatoma can cause discharge or pus from the ear, so that the ear becomes smelly. In addition, this condition can also cause pain and hearing loss.

4. Ear cancer

Ear cancer is actually a very rare condition. This cancer can grow in the ear canal, middle ear, or inner ear.

The cause of ear cancer is not known with certainty, but ear infections that occur repeatedly can be one of the triggers. Symptoms of ear cancer include discharge of pus or blood from the ear, smelly and painful ears, and hearing loss.

5. Swimmer's ear syndrome

Swimmer's ear syndrome (otitis externa) is an inflammation or infection that attacks the outer ear canal, from the ear canal to the eardrum. This condition occurs because water enters the ear and is not drained, allowing bacteria or fungi to grow in the ear.

The initial symptoms of this condition are usually mild, such as itching in the ears. But if left untreated, your ears can ooze pus and blood, and it's not impossible that your ears will smell bad in the end.

Smelly ears will certainly be uncomfortable if left alone. However, it is not recommended that you clean your ears yourself, including using a cotton swab. This can actually cause the condition that causes smelly ears to get worse.

If you experience smelly ears accompanied by swelling, pain, discharge from the ears, or hearing loss, consult a doctor immediately for proper examination and treatment.

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