So that the older brother is not jealous of his new sibling, apply these tips

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So that the older brother is not jealous of his new sibling, apply these tips
So that the older brother is not jealous of his new sibling, apply these tips

The presence of a sister often triggers feelings of jealousy in her brother. The older brother will usually vent various emotions because he feels the attention and affection from his parents are divided. To prevent the appearance of jealousy in your brother when a new sister is born, let's apply the following tips, Bun

There are many forms of jealousy that the older sibling can express towards the newborn sibling, for example being angry for no apparent reason, asking for everything that is given to the younger sibling, throwing and breaking things, or even disturbing and hurting the younger sibling.

So that the older brother is not jealous of his new sibling, apply these tips! - Alodokter

This feeling of jealousy is actually quite natural, really. However, that doesn't mean you can just sit back and let your brother act like that, okay? Jealousy like this is feared to make the relationship between brother and sister and mother disharmonious and interfere with their social and emotional development.

Tips to Prevent Jealousy of a Brother to a New Sibling

To prevent the negative impact of jealousy from a sister for her sister, Mother needs to make preparations for her brother as early as possible. You can do these ways when your sister is still in the womb, you know.

The following are tips to prevent jealousy from your brother to your newborn sister that you can apply:

1. Notify when there will be a new family member

To prevent jealousy when your little sister is born, the first thing you can do is tell your sister that there will be a new family member at home.Point his hand to Mother's stomach while saying that there is now a baby sister in it who will be able to play with it someday.

Tell him too that he is going to be a big brother. Mother and other family members can also make new calls for him, for example Brother or Brother, to grow his maturity and sense of responsibility as an older child while educating him to be a good big brother in the future.

If the older sibling is under 2 years old, usually he still doesn't understand what it means to have a sibling. To tell her, Mother can show a picture book of family members and explain in simple language or read a story book about the relationship between brother and sister.

2. Teach the brother to love his sister

Mother has been able to teach sister how to love her sister since she was still in the stomach. Invite him to often sing or talk to the baby in the womb, and kiss and caress your belly.Tell him that if an older brother must love, care for and protect his younger brother.

Teach the older sibling how to treat his younger sibling after birth, such as gently rubbing his head, kissing his cheek, or getting him a diaper. Tell him that this will calm the younger brother down.

Give praise every time he behaves well with his sister. Say something like, "You're a good brother, honey. Mother is proud of you." That way, he will feel that what he is doing is right and he will feel worthy.

3. Involving the Sister in the moment of pregnancy

Involving Sis in the moment of pregnancy can prevent jealousy, you know. Invite the sister to participate when the mother checks her pregnancy so that she can see the face of her sister since she was still in the womb. This can certainly be a happy moment for him.

Mothers can also involve the older sibling in preparing for the needs of the younger sibling, for example when choosing toys, clothes, or other newborn equipment. In addition, you can also ask him to accompany you when doing pregnancy sports.

4. Keep doing routines with Sis as usual

When you are pregnant or your sister is born, of course your routine will change and become busier. However, try not to make drastic changes to the routine of Mom and Sis, okay.

Keep doing the usual activities with your sibling, such as teaching him to read or write, watching his favorite television show, reading bedtime stories, or gardening. That way, Big Brother will not feel left out and forgotten. This will also avoid the possibility of Brother and Sister becomingdifficult to get along later.

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is indeed important. However, forming the character of an older brother in the previous child is no less important, Bun. By paying attention to this, children can avoid jealousy and become a good older brother to their younger siblings.

Giving attention to two children at the same time does require patience.However, keep in mind, this is not your job alone. Make sure other family members also don't forget to pay attention and affection to the older sibling, especially when the mother is busy with the new born baby.

If you feel that there is a drastic difference in attitude towards your older sibling since the birth of your sister, for example having trouble sleeping, refusing to eat, or being alone, don't hesitate to ask a psychologist or doctor for advice.

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