Infrared Thermometers Can Cause Radiation. Myth or Fact?

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Infrared Thermometers Can Cause Radiation. Myth or Fact?
Infrared Thermometers Can Cause Radiation. Myth or Fact?

Recently, there has been a disturbing issue that says that infrared thermometers can emit radiation and can harm brain he alth. So, is this issue true?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is required to check their body temperature before entering public places, such as offices, malls, markets, and places of worship. The reason is, a high body temperature is one sign that someone is sick, including illness caused by Corona virus infection.

Infrared Thermometers Can Cause Radiation. Myth or Fact? - Alodokter

The tools commonly used to measure body temperature in public places are infrared thermometers or thermo guns. This thermometer has a gun-like shape and is very easy to use, just by holding it close to your forehead. This thermometer is also more practical to use for children and babies.

Facts about Infrared Thermometer Safety

The use of infrared thermometers is quite reliable in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to measure body temperature. Unlike other thermometers, this thermometer does not need to touch the skin directly, thus preventing virus contamination and can be used while maintaining a distance between the person who is examining and being examined.

Infrared thermometer measurement results also appear quickly. So, you don't need to spend a long time interacting with other people when measuring body temperature. In addition, this tool is also easy to clean so that its cleanliness can always be maintained.

Nevertheless, there are some people who are worried about having to use an infrared thermometer too often. The reason, infrared rays from this tool can cause radiation that can damage brain tissue. In fact, that's not the case, you know.

Infrared thermometer is not a device that can emit infrared light, but has an infrared sensor. This sensor works by reading the heat energy waves that come out of the surface of the human body.

In the world of physics, heat energy waves emanating from surfaces, including the surface of the body, are equivalent to infrared energy emission. That's the reason why it's called an infrared thermometer.

When held close to the forehead, the thermometer will capture heat energy from the body. This heat energy will then be channeled to the infrared sensor inside the thermometer and converted into an electrical signal. Well, this electrical signal will be translated as a number and appear on the screen as a result of measuring body temperature.

So, you don't have to worry about checking your body temperature using an infrared thermometer, okay? Tools that are circulating in the market and have passed the he alth test can be guaranteed to be safe to use, really.

It's also important to remember, don't panic or participate in spreading information that can't be confirmed. If you want to make sure the information is correct, you can ask the doctor directly via chat on the ALODOKTER application.

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