Tips for Overcoming Children Often Stay up late

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Tips for Overcoming Children Often Stay up late
Tips for Overcoming Children Often Stay up late

Not a few, you know, children who often stay up late or sleep late at night, even though there is no work or schoolwork piling up. Has this happened to your baby? If so, let's find out the tips here to deal with children who often stay up late and make them sleep early

There are many things that can cause children to stay awake even though it is night. Whatever the reason, children should not be allowed to stay up late because this can have a negative impact on their growth and development.

Tips for Overcoming Children Often Stay up - Alodokter

However, you don't need to worry if this really happens to your little one. Most children's sleep problems can be fixed by slowly changing their bedtime habits.

Why Can't Children Stay Up Late?

Children aged 1–5 years generally need 10–12 hours of sleep at night and 1-2 hours of naps in a day. In addition to resting the body, sleep can also maintain endurance, support the growth process, and increase children's intelligence.

When sleeping, glands in the child's brain produce growth hormone. As the name implies, this hormone has a big role in the growth of children. Lack of sleep can disrupt the work of these hormones, so that it has an impact on the child's growth and development process.

Not only that, a study also shows that children who sleep after 10 pm are more at risk of developing disorders of the nervous system.This can have a negative effect on the development of his behavior. The more he sleeps at night, the more severe the behavioral disturbances that occur.

5 Tips to Prevent Children from Staying Up Late

Until now, there is no benefit to be gained from staying up late, you know, Bun. So, so that it is not difficult for your little one to sleep at night, let's apply the 5 tips below:

1. Adopt a consistent sleep schedule

Children may not understand the right sleep schedule for him. As a parent, you must apply a consistent bedtime to him. The goal is for your little one to get used to sleeping at the same time every day. Over time, he will automatically fall asleep at that time. This can reduce the desire to sleep late at night.

2. Create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere

The ideal atmosphere for a child's room for a good night's sleep is dark and cool. Exposure to light during sleep can make it difficult for the brain to rest, so children cannot sleep well.However, not a few children are afraid to sleep in the dark. Your baby may be one of them.

If that's the case, that's fine, bud. Mother can still darken the lights in the little one's room, but also add an additional night light that has a dim light. Now there are also many, you know, cute shaped bed lamps that can make children feel calm and comfortable when they want to sleep.

In addition, make sure your little one wears comfortable clothes and absorbs sweat, right, Bun. Set the room temperature to be cool, neither too hot nor too cold, so that he can sleep comfortably without sweating.

3. Avoid using gadgets when going to sleep

Although it is often taken for granted, research proves that the use of devices or gadgets, such as televisions and mobile phones, when a child is going to sleep can cause him to stay awake even though his eyes are sleepy, you know. So, create a gadget-free room if you want your little one to sleep fast at night.

4. Prevent children from being too active at night

Too much fun playing can make children too excited and not sleepy when bedtime comes. Therefore, avoid giving your little one activities that make him too active, such as watching TV or playing games 30–60 minutes before his bedtime schedule.

During this time, you can invite your little one to get ready for bed. Make good bedtime habits for her, from brushing her teeth, changing into pajamas, and reading fairy tales to her.

5. Avoid caffeinated food or drinks

Caffeine is not only found in coffee, which is identical to adult drinks. Fizzy drinks, tea, hot chocolate, or ice cream can also contain caffeine and can keep your child awake longer. So, giving this food and drink before bed is not a good thing for your little one.

Overcoming children who often stay up late is not a difficult thing if Mom and Dad work together to apply the tips above. However, remember also that a child staying up late can also be caused by insomnia or anxiety disorders.

Therefore, if your little one is still having trouble sleeping at night even though Mother has done the above methods, you should consult a doctor to get the right examination and treatment.

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