Is it true that cheating can be a sign of a personality disorder?

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Is it true that cheating can be a sign of a personality disorder?
Is it true that cheating can be a sign of a personality disorder?

Infidelity is often considered a mere negative behavior or as a form of escape from dissatisfaction between partners. In fact, cheating can be a sign of a personality disorder, you know! You want to know what personality disorders are associated with cheating behavior? Check out the following article, come on

Infidelity is a form of a person's inability to be faithful in a commitment to a partner, both commitments made in marriage and mutual agreements when dating. Apart from the problems faced in a relationship, there are actually some personality disorders that may not be realized, but can influence someone to cheat.

Is it true that cheating can be a sign of a personality disorder? - Alodokter

Personality Disorders That May Affect Infidelity

Here are some personality disorders characterized by infidelity to a partner:

Borderline personality disorder

People with borderline personality disorder tend to be unstable in close relationships with other people and have judgments that can change quickly.

For example, at the beginning, he can think of you as a friend, but suddenly you can be considered an enemy by him. He can also suddenly stop communicating with his partner just because his imagination will be abandoned.

The personality and mood of people with this personality disorder can change drastically, ranging from sadness, anger, to anxiety in a matter of hours to days.It is this disorder that may have caused him to suddenly have an affair, and not be able to carry out commitments with his partner for a long period of time.

narcissistic personality disorder

People with narcissistic personality are prone to cheating. The reason is, they always feel that there is something lacking in the relationship they are in, so they look for someone else to fill the void. They also need attention, like to use other people for their own benefit, and tend not to think about how other people feel about their actions.

Histrionic personality disorder

This type of personality disorder has similar characteristics to narcissistic personality disorder. It's just that someone with a strong histrionic personality is not only selfish, but also dramatic and likes to be the center of attention.

They are also incapable of having close relationships with other people, but are happy to be sexually flirted. The owner of this personality disorder generally looks attractive and uses his appearance as a "weapon" to tease others, including teasing his own friend's partner.

Various Cheating Risk Factors and How to Deal with Them

In addition to a person's personality condition, other things that can increase the likelihood of cheating are:

There are problems in the relationship

Infidelity can occur in couples who often experience conflict and dissatisfaction, both sexually, morally, and materially.

There is an opportunity

A person can have an affair because of the opportunity. For example, you and your co-workers have the potential to have an extramarital affair if there is frequent physical contact between you. This potential may be even greater if your friend expresses his interest in you.

As an escape

Escape can be a reason for someone to have an affair. Usually this happens when a partner can't fulfill his wish, so he looks for it in someone else.

In addition to the things above, infidelity can also be triggered by other things, such as revenge, faded love, differences in commitment, to yearning for other variations in a relationship. So, it can be concluded that in addition to personality disorders, there are other factors that can make a person have the potential to have an affair.

Understanding slowly the cause of infidelity is important to do, both from the partner's side or from yourself. So if someone in your relationship is having an affair, invite your partner to visit a psychiatrist or psychologist.

The goal is that you and your partner can identify each other's personalities more closely, find out the triggers for infidelity, and find the right solution to deal with it.Remember, you have decided to commit to your partner. So, try to find the best solution regarding the relationship you are in.

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