Is it safe to use baby powder?

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Is it safe to use baby powder?
Is it safe to use baby powder?

The use of baby powder often causes debate. Some people say that loose powder is dangerous, while others say that loose powder is safe to use on babies. Which one is correct? Check out the explanation below

Baby powder is generally made from talcum powder (magnesium silicate) or corn flour. Baby powder has actually been used for a long time, but recently it's been rumored that using baby powder has a risk of serious side effects, such as cancer.

Is it safe to use baby powder? - Alodokter

Risks Behind Using Baby Powder

Not a few parents believe that baby powder can prevent and treat diaper rash around the buttocks and genital area. However, is it really effective? Actually, the benefits of using loose powder on babies are not yet fully proven medically.

In addition, talcum powder and sweat and baby urine can cause irritation to the skin. So, the use of loose powder that is not accompanied by efforts to maintain good hygiene can actually cause or worsen diaper rash.

Several studies have also revealed that the use of loose powder in infants is at risk of causing he alth problems. Here are some of them:

Respiratory disorders

Solid powder is very smooth and easy to puff into the air. This makes the powder particles can be inhaled by the baby while in use. These particles, whether talcum powder or cornstarch, can irritate the baby's respiratory tract and cause respiratory problems.


Solid powder made from talcum is considered to trigger the risk of cancer. This is because talcum powder usually contains a harmful substance called asbestos, which is a carcinogenic substance that causes the growth of cancer cells. When this asbestos substance is inhaled for a long time, the risk is lung cancer.

Should I Use Baby Powder?

With the risks above, some experts do not recommend the use of loose powder on babies. However, the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) explained that none of the loose powder products that have been registered with BPOM and sold freely in the Indonesian market contain harmful substances, so they are safe to use.

Even so, there is still a warning that baby powder must be used according to the instructions for use. Do not immediately pour the powder on the baby's body, but pour and smooth it first in the mother's hand. After that, just apply the powder on the little one's body.

The important thing that mothers need to remember is to avoid smearing the powder on the baby's nose and mouth area so that the powder particles are not inhaled and interfere with his breathing.

If you still have doubts about baby powder, try to consider why you are using this product and is there a better alternative. For example, if you use loose powder for diaper rash, you can try replacing it with lotion or petroleum jelly.

Mother can also consult a doctor regarding the use of baby powder and the condition of the Little One. That way, you can get recommendations for the right product choices, along with safe usage instructions for your little one.

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