Is it really painful to give birth to a baby boy?

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Is it really painful to give birth to a baby boy?
Is it really painful to give birth to a baby boy?

There are many assumptions circulating in the community that giving birth to a baby boy is more painful than a baby girl. Is it true that the sex of the fetus determines whether labor is painful or not? Read the explanation here

Every woman who gives birth will definitely feel contractions, especially if she gives birth normally. Contractions, controlled by the hormones oxytocin and prostaglandins, are the main source of the pain you feel during childbirth. Through these contractions, the cervix will slowly open and allow the baby to descend into the birth canal.

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The Risks of Giving Birth to a Baby Boy

A study says that most women who give birth to boys take longer than women who give birth to girls.

This means that women who give birth to boys may experience longer contractions. This of course can make the pain feel heavier because it is also mixed with fatigue.

Even so, the difference in the timing of pregnant women giving birth to male and female babies in this study was not significant. So, giving birth to a boy cannot be said to be more painful than giving birth to a girl.

Although pain during labor is unrelated to gender, there is some evidence that male pregnancies are at higher risk for complications, such as gestational diabetes, premature birth, and preeclampsia.This condition will indirectly increase the risk of difficulties during childbirth.

How to Relieve Pain During Labor

Pain is unavoidable when giving birth to a baby boy or girl because the onset of pain is caused by the opening of the cervix and the contraction of the uterine muscles needed to expel the baby from the womb.

To make it easier, here are a number of ways that might be done before or during normal delivery:

  • Join pregnancy exercise, yoga, hypnosis, acupuncture, and acupressure before delivery.
  • Do a lower back massage to reduce pain and practice breathing techniques every time you feel a contraction.
  • Try to stand up more or walk slowly while waiting for the opening as this is considered to help speed up the labor process.
  • Turn on the television or listen to music to take your mind off the pain.
  • Compress the area between the vaginal canal and the anus (perineum) using warm water or soak in warm water.

Nothing has proven that giving birth to a baby boy is more painful than a baby girl. So regardless of gender, the important thing is that you always take care of your physical and mental he alth during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are recommended to always lead a he althy lifestyle, eat he althy food, keep physical activity every day, maintain an ideal body weight, and avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Build a quality relationship with your partner during pregnancy, so that your thoughts are always positive. Surround yourself with people who support you so that you can avoid anxiety before giving birth.

In addition, do regular pregnancy check-ups to the doctor so that the he alth condition of you and the baby in the womb can be monitored from the beginning of pregnancy until it's time to give birth.

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