Can I Carry a Child While Pregnant?

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Can I Carry a Child While Pregnant?
Can I Carry a Child While Pregnant?

It's natural that children really like to be carried, especially by their mothers. In addition to feeling loved, children also feel safe. However, what about when the mother is having two bodies? Is it safe to carry a child while pregnant? Read the explanation here

One of the benefits of holding a child is to calm them down when they are scared, uncomfortable, or cranky. So even if you are pregnant, consciously or not, pregnant women will often immediately carry their baby when he cries.

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This is the reason why pregnant women can carry children while pregnant

Not a few people forbid pregnant women from carrying children because they believe that this can have a bad effect on the he alth of the fetus. Actually, it's okay to carry a child when pregnant, isn't it.

However, make sure pregnant women are he althy and not having any problems, okay? There are several conditions in pregnancy that require pregnant women to rest and not do strenuous activities, for example having a history of premature birth or a short cervix.

Carrying a child is the same as carrying a heavy burden. Under conditions such as above, pregnant women are not recommended to carry items weighing more than 10 kg because it can cause abdominal muscles to be pulled and cause cramps, weaken the pelvic floor, increase the risk of falling, and cause miscarriage.

Remember that during pregnancy, the body can become weaker and tired easily due to pregnancy hormones. Therefore, pregnant women are strongly discouraged from forcing themselves to carry their little ones, huh.

Well, so that carrying a child does not endanger pregnancy, there are several tips that pregnant women can do, namely:

  • Listen to the pregnant woman's body and don't force her to carry the child if she feels tired. Entertain your little one in a way other than holding her, for example by inviting her to play, reading her a story book, or singing her favorite song.
  • Try not to be in a bent position when carrying your little one. Bend your knees slightly and make sure your back is straight to avoid overworking your pelvic muscles.
  • Use flat shoes when you leave the house, because this model is more comfortable and safe to use in case your little one asks to be carried.
  • Use a stroller or stroller when traveling, for example when going to a shopping center, if possible so that pregnant women don't have to carry their little one.
  • Ask your husband or someone else for help to carry your little one, especially if the pregnant woman's stomach is getting bigger.

Carrying a child can indeed increase the emotional bond between mother and child. However, when you are pregnant, it never hurts to be more careful to protect your pregnancy from various complications that may occur.

If pregnant women experience pain or bleeding from the vagina after carrying a child, don't panic first. This does not necessarily indicate that pregnant women are threatened, really. However, you should consult a doctor to get the right examination and treatment if necessary.

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