Careful! Stress Can Trigger Anxiety Dreams

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Careful! Stress Can Trigger Anxiety Dreams
Careful! Stress Can Trigger Anxiety Dreams

Anxiety dreams are a term to describe bad dreams due to negative feelings from yourself, for example those caused by stress or mental he alth problems. This dream can make a person feel worried all day long, even become afraid that something bad will happen

Dreams are stories or images created by the brain while a person is sleeping. Sometimes, dreams can be fun stories. However, it is not uncommon for dreams to feel eerie or scary to the point that people who experience them feel anxious when they wake up.

Careful! Stress Can Trigger Anxiety Dreams - Alodokter

One of the dreams like this is anxiety dreams. Some examples of common anxiety dreams are dreams of being naked in public, dreams of being the center of attention, dreams of being late for an event, or dreams of running around aimlessly.

This Causes Anxiety Dreams

Anxiety dreams can happen not without reason, you know. This condition is common in people who are stressed and have anxiety disorders. People who have a history of trauma or are experiencing something that disturbs their minds often experience anxiety dreams.

In addition to mental he alth disorders, those who have insomnia, are addicted to illegal drugs, and like to drink excessive alcohol can also experience anxiety dreams.

You need to know that while sleeping the brain will still actively work. One of the activities the brain does during sleep is to string the memories and sensations stored in the brain into a story that you see as a dream.

Several studies state that dreams are a way to process or release emotions that we hold back all day. So, don't be surprised if someone who has a mental he alth disorder or is overthinking about a worrying issue is prone to having nightmares.

The fears they feel, think, and suppress all day will be processed by the brain into scary stories, resulting in bad dreams.

Prevent and Overcome Anxiety Dreams in this Way

Worries from anxiety dreams will usually continue throughout the day so that they may interfere with daily activities. In fact, someone who experiences anxiety dreams feels afraid if the things they dream of actually come true.

Well, there are some simple steps you can take so you don't experience anxiety dreams, as well as relieve the stress or anxiety you're experiencing. These steps are:

  • Take 1 hour before bedtime to relax and do activities you enjoy, such as reading a book, listening to music, taking a shower, or meditating.
  • Put all your complaints into a diary so that the burden on your mind is reduced, your mind becomes more relaxed, and your mood improves before going to sleep soundly.
  • Avoid activities that can make you think a lot, such as checking your financial expenses or viewing social media that can make you compare your life with others and trigger feelings of insecurity.

If you wake up at night because of an anxiety dream and feel like you can't go back to sleep, don't force yourself to close your eyes and stay in bed, okay? Instead of falling asleep, forcing yourself to sleep will only make you irritated and frustrated because you can't go back to sleep.

Better get out of bed and try to walk around the house to calm down.You can also take a warm bath or do activities that are not interesting and boring, such as reading a thick literary book, to trigger drowsiness until you fall back asleep.

You can look at the clock or check your phone, but not all the time, okay? After seeing the time, put down your phone and calm your mind. Knowing how much time you spend waking up at night can actually trigger anxiety and resentment because you feel like you've wasted time.

Anxiety dreams can certainly worsen mental he alth conditions and interfere with your daily activities. Therefore, try to do the prevention methods described above. Also apply how to deal with stress if you wake up because of anxiety dreams at night.

If after applying the methods above you still often experience anxiety dreams that make you feel worried all day, you should immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to get the best advice or treatment according to your mental he alth condition.

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