Can babies suck? Check out the pros and cons of its use

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Can babies suck? Check out the pros and cons of its use
Can babies suck? Check out the pros and cons of its use

The issue of whether or not a baby can suckle often causes debate. This leaves many parents confused. So that you don't get confused, let's see the explanation about the pros and cons of using pacifiers for babies

Since in the womb, some babies have the habit of sucking their fingers. This habit in the womb is a natural reflex that shows the ability to suck.

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Until he was born, almost all babies still like to continue this habit. In fact, this activity can make him calmer and less fussy. Therefore, not a few mothers also give pacifiers for their babies.

Pros and Cons of Baby Pacifiers

Before deciding to use a baby pacifier, it's a good idea to know the pros and cons of a baby pacifier. Here is the explanation:

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There are a number of reasons why a baby pacifier is recommended. Among them are for:

  • Helps calm the baby, while making him feel safe
  • Helps baby to sleep fast
  • Helps distract the baby in certain situations, such as immunizations, blood draws, or when he's on an airplane
  • Supporting the growth and development of premature babies by increasing their ability to learn to breastfeed better
  • Reducing the risk of sudden death syndrome (SIDS) in babies because the pacifier will prevent the baby from sleeping on his stomach

Cons of using a pacifier

Meanwhile, some reasons related to the risk of side effects of baby pacifiers that make its use against its use are:

  • There is a risk of making the baby unfamiliar with the shape of the breast or nipple confusion if given too early
  • Increases the risk of ear infections because sucking on a pacifier can draw fluid from the esophagus into the middle ear canal
  • Increases risk of tooth decay or misaligned teeth
  • Makes baby dependent on the pacifier, so he can only calm down when sucking on the pacifier

Tips for Safe Use of Baby Pacifiers

In addition to the many benefits, the use of a baby pacifier is also not free from the risk of side effects. However, if you really want to keep giving your little one a pacifier, here are some safe tips that you can try:

  • Delay giving pacifiers until your little one is at least 3-4 weeks old or when he is good at sucking through the nipples.
  • Avoid giving a pacifier as first aid when your little one is fussy.
  • Choose a baby pacifier made of silicone and suitable for your little one's age.
  • Clean the baby's pacifier regularly using clean water and soap. Soak the pacifier in hot water to kill viruses and germs if necessary.
  • Replace your baby's pacifier regularly, especially if it's broken.

As long as you follow the tips above, baby pacifiers are safe, really, for your little one to use. Even so, if at any time your little one has problems due to the use of a pacifier, don't hesitate to consult a doctor, Mother.

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