Beware of the Dangers of Sweet Food for Children

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Beware of the Dangers of Sweet Food for Children
Beware of the Dangers of Sweet Food for Children

Almost all children like sweet foods, such as candy, ice cream, donuts, and chocolate. Even though they are in demand by children, giving children too much sweet food can be dangerous for their he alth, you know, Bun

Sweet foods that contain a lot of sugar can indeed be accepted easily by the child's tongue. Although it is a source of energy, sugar is low in nutrients and high in calories.

Beware of the Dangers of Sweet Foods for Children - Alodokter

In addition, giving sweet foods too often can cause your little one to become addicted and even addicted to sugar, you know, Bun. Sugar that enters the body will be interpreted as something pleasant by the brain.

This is what causes children to become addicted and keep wanting to eat sweet foods that are high in sugar. This can make it difficult for children or parents to limit sugar intake. Efforts to limit it can even trigger cravings and end up consuming more sugar.

Children aged 2-18 years are recommended to consume no more than 25 grams of sugar or no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. Meanwhile, children under 2 years old are not recommended to consume added sugar at all.

Series of Dangers of Sweet Food for Children

A child who is addicted to sugar will experience mood swings, such as becoming irritable, body shaking, and changes in activity levels, for example becoming more lethargic or quiet if he does not get sugar intake or sweet foods that meet his "needs". " daily. In fact, maybe that day he had consumed more than 25 grams of sugar.

In addition to sugar addiction, sweet foods can pose a danger to children's he alth and development, such as:

1. Obesity

As discussed above, sugar is low in nutrients but high in calories. If your little one eats too many sweet foods, the calories from sugar will accumulate in the body.

Remember also, the more a child eats sweet foods, the higher the risk of the child being addicted and wanting to eat them all the time. As a result, children who love sweet foods are at high risk of obesity, especially if it is not balanced with adequate calorie expenditure.

In addition, children who were obese when they were young tend to gain weight even more as adults. So, if the diet is not corrected immediately, the dangers of sweet foods can continue in later life when the children are adults.

2. Chronic disease

Consuming sweet foods or drinks that contain a lot of sugar can also increase the risk of your little one experiencing chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension, even from a young age.

A study revealed that consuming too many sugary drinks or foods can increase blood pressure and stimulate the liver to throw more unhe althy fats into the bloodstream. Both of these increase the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

3. Tooth decay

Too often consume foods that contain sugar can also cause children to experience tooth decay. The rest of the sugar that accumulates in the crevices of your little one's teeth when it enters the mouth will mix with oral bacteria.

If you don't clean it immediately, this can cause your little one to experience toothaches such as cavities. Disturbances in dental he alth if not treated immediately can cause permanent damage to the teeth, so they must be extracted.

4. Lowering children's intelligence

A study revealed that children who consume a lot of high-sugar drinks tend to have lower intelligence levels than those who don't consume a lot of sugar.

Consuming excess sugar can reduce a child's ability to understand spoken information and convey information through words well, coordinate vision in physical activity, and solve problems.

5. Influence behavior

The dangers of sweet foods can also have an impact on children's behavior. This sugar intake can trigger a drastic increase in blood sugar and cause your baby to become hyperactive. Hyperactivity is a condition when a child experiences increased movement, impulsive actions, and is easily distracted or distracted.

Sweet food is very closely related to the world of children, yes, Bun. However, that doesn't mean you can't reduce your little one's sugar intake.In order to avoid the dangers of sweet foods above, Mother can replace sweet foods such as candy or chocolate with fruits that also have a natural sweet taste.

Besides, instead of buying at the market, you can make he althier sweet snacks yourself at home. This way, you can control how much sugar is in the food and add beneficial nutrients to it.

If Mother finds it difficult to control her little one's sugar intake, or maybe she has shown signs of sugar addiction and is overweight, you should immediately consult a doctor or nutritionist, yes, Bun.

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