4 Women's Fear When Making Love

4 Women's Fear When Making Love
4 Women's Fear When Making Love

For some women, having sex can be a scary and unpleasant moment. In fact, having sex with your husband is very beneficial for your physical and mental he alth, you know. So, what can cause women to be afraid of making love?

Having sex after marriage is an obligation and a normal routine for every couple, especially for couples who really crave the presence of a baby.

4 Women's Fears When Making Love - Alodokter

This activity can make you and your husband feel happy, because normally intimate relationships can improve your mood. In addition, having sex can also increase endurance, relieve headaches, improve sleep quality, and increase fertility.

This is the fear of love that is often experienced by women

Although beneficial for mental and physical he alth, there are several things that can trigger some women's fear when making love, including:

1. Fear of getting pregnant and contracting venereal disease

If you have been blessed with enough children, you may feel afraid to have sex because you are not ready to get pregnant again. This fear can also arise if you are traumatized by previous experiences of pregnancy or childbirth. As a result, you don't want to “concede” again.

In addition to being afraid of getting pregnant, the fear of contracting a venereal disease can also haunt your mind, especially if your husband shows symptoms of a venereal disease or has been caught cheating and having sex with another woman.This fear can be a scourge in your relationship, you know.

If the fear you experience comes from the suspicion that your husband has a venereal disease, you and your husband should consult a doctor for an examination. Don't worry, most venereal diseases can be treated until they are cured, really.

However, if your fear is caused by not being ready to get pregnant again, you should use family planning or ask your husband to use a condom during sex.

2. Not good at bed

Not being good at bed is one of the most common fears of women during sex. This fear can arise from the belief that a wife should always be able to satisfy her husband, no matter what.

In addition, fear can also arise due to an unrealistic concept of sex. If you often watch adult films and feel that you are not as good as these players, there is no need to worry.Remember, a movie is just a screenplay that can be edited multiple times. So, it's only natural that scenes in adult movies look perfect.

Remember that sex is not about being good or not. After all, intimate relationships do not know the word win or lose between husband and wife. If you feel that you are unable to satisfy your husband, you should communicate to him.

Ask what things he likes and doesn't like when you two have sex. No need to guess what's in your husband's head, immediately tell your heart so that this fear can be quickly overcome.

3. Not confident

Some women have a tendency to focus on their appearance. When her body shape is not what she expected, it can lead to feelings of insecurity or even fear that her husband will not be attracted to her during sex.

This often happens to women, especially after giving birth. The reason, pregnancy makes major changes in the shape of the body of most women.If you experience this, remember that your husband has made a promise to accept you as you are. So, there's no reason for him not to like your body after you struggle to conceive and give birth to your child.

There are many things you can do to improve your appearance, so that your self-confidence will return. Try to exercise regularly and eat he althy foods every day so that your body is well maintained. However, don't let the effort you put into torture your body, okay.

In addition, wear clothes that can make you confident when having sex with your husband. You can also apply make up on your face so that you look more different than when you meet everyday.

4. Trauma will hurt when having sex

If during sex you often feel pain, it is not impossible that you will feel traumatized so you are afraid to do it again in the future.

Pain during sex can be caused by many things. One of them is because the penis is already penetrating when the vagina is dry. The vagina actually has a natural lubricant that can come out when a woman is aroused.

So if this lubricant doesn't come out during sex, it could be that you're not aroused enough. Well, it's good you talk about this to your husband. Ask him to fondle you longer or do foreplay to increase your passion.

Lack of lubricant can also occur due to stress. So, calm your mind and get rid of thoughts that disturb your concentration. Having sex while thinking about many things can actually make you not enjoy this intimate relationship.

If needed, you can use lubricating fluid that is widely sold in stores. However, be sure to choose a water-based lubricant to prevent irritation of the vaginal area.

The four fears of women when making love above are possible and natural for you to experience. There is no need to feel ashamed and discouraged if you are afraid to make love to your husband.

However, don't let that fear drag on, okay? Discuss the fears you feel with your husband so that both of you can find the best solution. If you and your husband can't find a solution, try consulting a doctor or psychologist.

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