Is it safe to use a mask while exercising?

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Is it safe to use a mask while exercising?
Is it safe to use a mask while exercising?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all outdoor activities must be accompanied by the use of masks. However, should masks still be used when you exercise outside the home? To find out the answer, come on, see the explanation here

In addition to eating he althy food, maintaining personal hygiene, and getting enough rest, exercising is also a recommended way to keep the immune system in top shape. With a strong immune system, you will not be susceptible to various diseases, including COVID-19.

Is it safe to use a mask while exercising? - Alodokter

Safety Using Masks During Sports

The use of masks during sports still raises pros and cons in society. On the one hand, the use of masks is important to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 when you are active outside the home. But on the other hand, it is feared that closing the nose and mouth when exercising can have a bad impact on your body condition.

Related to this, the World He alth Organization (WHO) urges people not to use masks when exercising. Instead of being he althy, wearing a mask during exercise can make it difficult for the body to get oxygen. In fact, when you exercise, your body needs more oxygen than usual.

Due to the obstruction of airflow to the nose, wearing a mask while exercising can make it difficult to breathe, especially if you have respiratory problems, such as asthma or bronchitis. This can make the oxygen level in the blood decrease.

This decrease in oxygen levels will make the heart rate increase and the muscles will accumulate more lactic acid. Finally, you will tire faster even though the exercise you do is relatively light.

Some people sometimes don't understand the signal of fatigue while exercising. If you continue to force it, this condition can trigger a decrease in blood pressure, so that the blood supply to the brain is reduced and can cause fainting.

Not only that, when you exercise your face will sweat and make the mask wet. This of course can make you feel uncomfortable and allow your nose to become stuffy.

Wet and damp masks can also be a place for bacteria and fungi that cause disease to breed, especially if the masks are not washed properly and properly. In addition, the wetness of the mask will reduce its effectiveness in preventing the transmission of bacteria or viruses, you know.

Sports Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Using a mask when exercising is not recommended because it can have a bad impact on he alth. So, what if you want to exercise outside the home during the COVID-19 pandemic? It's better if you choose a sport location that is not crowded and make sure to always apply physical distancing, okay.

If the sports venue you want to go to is crowded, it's a good idea to do sports at home. Exercise at home can also burn fat and nourish the body, just like exercising outside the home, really. Do exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, okay.

There are many choices of exercise at home that you can do, such as aerobics, yoga, or strength training. In fact, you can also do simple exercises, such as going up and down stairs or walking around the house, which are just as effective in boosting your immune system if you do it regularly.

Exercise is an effective way to keep the body in top shape and avoid the spread of the Corona virus. However, make sure you make the right decisions when exercising. Don't forget to always apply the basic prevention of COVID-19 so that you are always he althy.

Avoid using masks when exercising and prioritize the application of physical distancing. If this is not possible, it's better to do exercise at home, okay.

If you need advice on the right exercise for you to do, there's nothing wrong with consulting a doctor, you know, especially if you do have certain he alth problems. You can even consult easily from home using chat with doctors on the ALODOKTER application.

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