Want to take your kids to the cinema together? Apply These Tips

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Want to take your kids to the cinema together? Apply These Tips
Want to take your kids to the cinema together? Apply These Tips

Watching a movie with your kids can be an unforgettable experience. However, without proper preparation, the presence of children in the cinema can disturb other audiences, you know. So that you and your family can enjoy movies together without any distractions, let's apply the tips below

Watching a movie together can be an opportunity for family time for the family. In addition, this activity can also be a medium of education for children. Through films that are watched together, Mother and Father can provide explanations regarding the contents of the film's story, as well as what lessons can be learned from the film.Children can also laugh and be entertained by watching age-appropriate movies.

Want to take your kids to the cinema together? Apply These Tips - Alodokter

Tips for Bringing Children to the Cinema

The following are tips for taking children to the cinema:

1. Pay attention to the child's age

Before taking your little one to the cinema, make sure that they are old enough to watch and understand a film. Actually there are no rules regarding when children can be invited to watch movies. However, the age of 2.5–4 years is considered the appropriate age to start taking your little one to the cinema.

At this age, generally children can enjoy a show and understand the storyline. He can sing and hum when he listens to a song from a movie, and patiently watches a movie for more than 1 hour and doesn't move from his seat.

2. Choose the right movie

It is important for parents to choose the right film according to their child's age. Make sure you find out things related to the movie that you are going to watch together through movie reviews on the internet.

Despite choosing a cartoon or animation genre film, make sure that the scenes in the film are not horror-themed or contain violence or adult scenes that can frighten and confuse your little one. These scenes are not impossible in cartoons, you know, Bun.

In addition, choose films that are not too long, easy to understand, and fun for your little one to watch. If a child can't enjoy and understand a movie, it's easier for them to feel bored and don't want to sit for long.

So, stay away from documentaries or history that might interest Mom and Dad. Instead of enjoying the film, children may cry or become more frustrated and annoy other viewers because they can't stand watching the film.

3. Adjust movie viewing schedule

It is important to adjust the schedule for watching movies if you are going to take your baby with you. Watching a movie in the last hour of the cinema screening, aka at night, will usually be quieter for the audience. However, the film will also last until midnight. This schedule is not recommended, because it can interfere with the child's sleep time.

In general, the ideal bedtime for children aged 2–4 years is 8 or 9 pm. Therefore, make sure you choose a movie schedule in the afternoon or evening, so that your little one can get home before bedtime. In addition, if you are worried that your little one will be noisy and disturb other people, avoid watching schedules on weekends because cinemas tend to be more crowded at this time.

4. Bring your child's favorite snack

Be careful to bring lots of your little one's favorite he althy snacks to anticipate if he gets bored while watching movies. If they are bored and have no other activities, children can be restless and whining so that they disturb other viewers.

5. Choose a strategic seat

Because watching movies in theaters can take more than 1 hour, children may drink more and make them have to go to the bathroom to urinate.

In order not to get tired of going back and forth to the bathroom, it is recommended to choose a strategic seat near the exit. Besides being easier to go to the bathroom, Mother also doesn't disturb other viewers because they have to go in and out of the cinema room.

However, it is not recommended that you choose a seat near the loudspeaker. The reason is, the sound in the cinema tends to be loud which can actually interfere with the he alth of the child's sense of hearing.

6. Follow the child's wishes

If your baby is not comfortable in the cinema for long and asks to go home, do what he wants. Don't think that you have to watch the movie until it's finished because you feel like it's a loss for you to buy an expensive ticket.If your little one is forced to keep watching, he will most likely cry and annoy other viewers.

Besides that, your little one can be traumatized too, you know, Bun. He can remember watching movies as such an unpleasant experience that he doesn't want to go to the cinema anymore.

Watching a movie is fun for most adults. However, not all young children can fit in and feel at home with the dark and noisy atmosphere of the cinema. So, think about your little one's comfort, Bun.

Also remember that the cinema is a public place that many other people use. So, try to always follow the cinema rules and respect the rights of others while watching.

If your little one can be invited to discuss, Mother can explain about the film to be watched, how long it will be, and the cinema rules that must be obeyed and the reason.

Ask him if he agrees with the rules and if he wants to follow them. This can also be a good opportunity for your little one to learn to adapt to public and social rules.

If the child looks uncomfortable, unwell, or has he alth complaints after returning from the cinema, ask him to rest. But if the complaint does not improve, immediately check your little one to the doctor, yes, Bun.

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