Dangers that lurk if children often use makeup

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Dangers that lurk if children often use makeup
Dangers that lurk if children often use makeup

Seeing your little one rub their cheeks with blush or use lipstick is adorable, isn't it, Bun? But you need to be careful. If children often use makeup, problems can appear on their skin, you know

Girls often imitate what their mothers do. So, if you like wearing makeup, nail polish, or other makeup on your face, your little one can be curious and try it too. In addition, the colors of the makeup are so bright that it can attract children to try it.

Dangers that lurk if children often use makeup - Alodokter

This is the Danger of Children Often Using Makeup

Makeup contains chemicals that are actually quite safe to be applied to the skin. However, not all of these materials are good for children to use, Bun. This is because children's skin tends to be thinner and more sensitive than adults' skin, so they can't be accidentally exposed to chemicals.

Generally, makeup contains fragrances that can trigger allergic reactions on children's skin, such as itching, heat, and swelling. This itching can make the child continue to scratch the skin until the wound. Not infrequently, these wounds become infected and ooze pus.

Not only that, the use of makeup can also cause blockages in the skin pores, especially if the rest of the makeup is not cleaned properly so that it triggers skin inflammation and acne.

If the skin damage is severe and there are quite a lot of pimples, it is not impossible that your little one will lose his confidence. This could have a negative impact on his social life or even his performance in school.

Keep in mind also that children tend to have more difficulty resisting the urge to touch their pimples. This can be dangerous if the pimple is located in the area above the lips and nose (the triangle area), because this area is close to the blood vessels and nerves that directly connect to the brain.

If a pimple in this area is infected, for example because of frequent scratching or squeezing, the bacteria can spread quickly and cause various complications, ranging from cellulitis, facial muscle paralysis, to blockage of blood vessels in the brain which can be fatal.

Tips on Using Makeup for Kids

There's actually nothing wrong if your child wants to use makeup, especially if he has activities that require him to use makeup, such as modeling or dancing. However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to, namely:

  • Make sure you buy makeup that is specially formulated for children or teenagers.
  • Choose makeup with natural ingredients, so it's safer for your little one to use.
  • Make sure the makeup your little one is wearing has a permit from BPOM (Food and Drug Supervisory Agency).
  • Avoid oil-based makeup products because they can trigger acne.
  • Change makeup equipment every 6–12 months to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.
  • Make sure your little one removes makeup cleanly and washes his face

Using makeup too often on children can be bad for their he alth, especially if the makeup used contains harsh chemicals. So, so that your little one can still wear makeup but avoid skin problems and dangerous complications, apply the methods above, yes, Bun.

In addition, it is important for Mother to tell Little One that makeup only serves to improve appearance, not to change appearance. Explain to him that with or without makeup, women are truly beautiful creatures.

If your little one shows an allergic reaction or breakouts after using makeup, take him to the doctor for an examination and treatment. Ask the doctor about what ingredients might trigger your little one's allergies, so that in the future you can avoid makeup products with these ingredients.

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