Here's How to Calculate Calorie Needs per Day

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Here's How to Calculate Calorie Needs per Day
Here's How to Calculate Calorie Needs per Day

The need for calories per day is important to know so that we can maintain an ideal body weight. However, each person's calorie needs are different, depending on age, gender, height and weight, as well as physical activity

Calorie is a unit for the amount of energy contained in food and drink or energy used during activities. When you consume something calorie, it means you provide energy for your body. The body then burns that energy in daily activities.

Here's How to Calculate Calorie Needs per Day - Alodokter

Well, the total calories that enter the body and are burned every day are what directly affect weight loss, gain, and stability.

The Importance of Calories in the Body

Humans certainly need calories to stay alive. Without energy, the cells in the body will not be able to work properly until finally the organs in the body, including the heart and brain, cannot function as they should.

The minimum amount of energy needed by the body so that the organs and all the systems in them can function properly is called the basal metabolic rate (BMR). This need is met through the intake of food or drink.

Everyone also has daily activities. No matter how little activity, there will be calories needed. So, in addition to providing energy for organs and body functions, calories are also needed to carry out daily activities.

Intake of calories that are too low or too high can both cause various he alth problems. If the calorie intake is too high, the body will store excess energy in the form of fat. Excessive levels of body fat can cause various diseases, such as heart disease.

On the other hand, if the calorie intake is too low, the body's organs will lack energy to perform their functions. As a result, there is a disturbance in the balance of body functions which can also lead to various diseases.

Calculating Calorie Needs per Day

The average adult man needs about 2,500 calories a day, while adult women usually need around 2,000 calories. However, remember that the actual need for calories per day for each person is still different. So, it is recommended that you calculate your own daily calorie needs, yes.

The number of calories needed per day is obtained by taking into account a person's BMR and daily activity level.The formula most widely used by nutritionists to calculate BMR is the Harris-Benedict Formula. This formula is calculated based on age, gender, weight, and height.

  • For boys: (88. 4 + 13.4 x weight in kilograms) + (4.8 x height in centimeters) - (5.68 x age in years)
  • For women: (447.6 + 9.25 x weight in kilograms) + (3.10 x height in centimeters) - (4.33 x age in years)

The results of the BMR calculation are then multiplied by the person's average daily activity number. This figure ranges from 1.2–1.9 depending on how high a person's daily activity is. The less a person does physical activity, the lower the daily activity rate will be.

For example, a 50-year-old office worker with a weight of 70 kg, height of 180 cm and a low level of daily activity because his average daily work is done while sitting. So, this man's BMR is:

(88, 4 + 13, 4 x 70) + (4, 8 x 180) - (5, 68 x 50)=1,606, 4 kcal (kilocalories)

Because this man rarely does exercise and is inactive, his daily activity number is 1, 2. This means that to keep the body working properly, this man needs 1,606, 4 x 1 calories per day., 2=1,927, 68 kcal ~ 1,900 kcal.

If you want to lose weight in a he althy way, you need to burn more calories than you consume. You can work around this by eating low-calorie foods and increasing the intensity of exercise.

However, if you want to gain weight, you need to take in more calories than the amount you burn each day. Get around this by eating foods that are rich in nutrients, not just high in calories.

Meanwhile, to maintain an ideal body weight, you need to balance the number of calories you consume with those you burn through physical activity.

Now you know how to calculate your daily calorie needs. Try to calculate your calorie needs and use this as a reference to build a he althy diet and an active lifestyle.

If you currently feel the need to lose or gain weight, don't hesitate to consult with your doctor about the number of calories you need and the right way to achieve it.

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