Baby Suddenly Becomes Weak? This is the cause

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Baby Suddenly Becomes Weak? This is the cause
Baby Suddenly Becomes Weak? This is the cause

There are many reasons why a baby can suddenly become limp, even though he was previously active playing and joking. If you experience this, you must be vigilant and find out immediately, OK? The reason is, this condition can be caused by he alth problems that need to be treated immediately

Generally a he althy baby will look cheerful, actively move his hands and feet, and crawl or walk to and fro tirelessly. However, when he feels something is wrong with his body, he may not be enthusiastic to do his activities, tend to be more quiet, and look very weak.

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List of Causes of Babies Sudden Weakness

The following are some of the reasons why babies suddenly feel weak, namely:

1. Lack of fluid

Lack of fluids in babies can be caused by diarrhea. When having diarrhea, the baby will excrete more fluid than bowel movements. Plus, bowel movements become more frequent than usual. This puts the baby at risk of lack of fluids or dehydration and suddenly feeling weak.

In addition, lack of fluids can also occur if the baby is too hot. In this condition, the baby will sweat so that it excretes more fluid from the body. If this is not balanced with adequate drinking, the baby may become dehydrated.

In addition to looking weak, the lack of fluids in the baby's body is also marked by the color of urine that looks very concentrated, dry lips and mouth, often drowsy, fussy easily, urinating less frequently, no tears when crying, and lazy to drink breast milk or formula milk.

2. Lack of oxygen

Another reason babies feel weak is lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen supply to the baby can occur if the baby has problems with the lungs or heart.

The signs when a baby is deprived of oxygen include bluish lips and fingertips, difficulty breathing, weakness, and pale skin. If this happens, your child must be given resuscitation immediately.

3. Infection

Infection can also cause the baby to suddenly feel lethargic and weak. Babies' immune systems are generally not as strong as adults. As a result, babies become more easily infected by various types of viruses and bacteria.

Some signs that your little one is having an infection are no appetite or difficulty eating, lethargy, decreased or sudden high body temperature, and fussy and often cries.

4. Poisoning or drug overdose

Signs of a baby experiencing poisoning or drug overdose include vomiting, difficulty breathing, stomach pain, seizures, weakness, and unconsciousness.

Poisoning or drug overdose can be experienced by babies who are actively crawling and putting all the objects they hold in their hands. Mothers may accidentally put drugs or dangerous chemical liquids in a place that is easily accessible to the Little One.

Well, these items are not impossible to be the target of the baby, you know. Your little one may think of the drug or chemical as a toy or food for him. So unbeknownst to Mother, she could swallow it and get poisoned.

5. Anaphylactic shock

Sudden limp baby can occur after he eats certain foods or takes certain drugs. In the medical world, this condition is known as anaphylactic shock.

Anaphylactic shock is shock caused by a severe allergic reaction. In this condition, the immune system overreacts and causes disruption of blood flow and oxygen absorption throughout the body.

If you experience it, your little one will cause signs of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, bluish skin color, swelling of the tongue or lips, nausea and vomiting, weakness, and unconsciousness.

Babies who suddenly limp should not be left for long. If your little one suddenly feels weak or is not as active as usual, especially if accompanied by symptoms such as fever, vomiting, or cold sweat, you should immediately take him to the nearest doctor for proper treatment and treatment.

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