Information About Splicing Broken Fingers Operasi

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Information About Splicing Broken Fingers Operasi
Information About Splicing Broken Fingers Operasi

Finger reattachment surgery is performed by surgeons on patients whose fingers have been severed. In severe conditions, finger grafting surgery may not be possible, even amputation can be done so as not to interfere with the patient's ability to move with his hands

The surgeon will try to reconnect the part of the finger that was severed through surgery. However, not all broken fingers can be reattached. The surgeon will first conduct an examination to determine whether the severed finger can be reattached or not.

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How to Help a Broken Finger

Before talking further about finger reattachment surgery, you need to know how to help a severed finger.

In general, there are 3 things that need to be considered in handling a broken finger, starting from performing first aid on a broken finger, treating an injured hand, to treating a severed finger.

First aid

The first aid you need to do if you experience or see someone else experiencing a broken finger is as follows:

  • If the injury is caused by a machine, turn it off immediately.
  • Do not remove jewelry or clothing that is stuck to the injury site.
  • Perform wound care on the injured hand.
  • Ask someone else to take care of the severed finger.
  • Call an ambulance immediately or go to the hospital for help.

Wound care for injured hands

When the hand or the base of the finger is severed, the first aid that needs to be done is:

  • Rinsing the wound with water or sterile saline
  • Covering the wound with sterile gauze or dressing
  • Position the injured hand higher than the heart to reduce bleeding and swelling
  • Press the wound to stop the bleeding
  • Do not press or bandage the wound too tightly to keep blood flow to the surrounding tissue

Treatment on cut finger

If someone else can help, ask that person to treat the severed finger. The method is as follows:

  • Wash the cut finger pieces with water or sterile saline solution. Do it gently and avoid rubbing the cut fingers.
  • Cover the finger with wet gauze to keep it moist, but not too wet or soaked in water.
  • Put your finger in a clean waterproof bag and place the bag in a plastic bag.
  • Put the plastic bag on the ice. Try not to cut the finger in direct contact with the ice because the tissue can be damaged.

If more than one finger is severed, place each finger piece in a separate clean bag. The goal is to prevent infection and tissue damage in the finger cut.

When is Broken Finger Surgery Performed?

Finger grafting surgery (finger replantation) is usually performed if the finger is broken in less than 12 hours.If the injury is further into the hand or arm, the connection time will be shorter, as the muscle tissue must be reconnected within 6 hours of the injury.

The main purpose of splicing a broken finger is to restore the ability to grip. This grasping ability can be done when the hand has a thumb and at least two other fingers. If it is the thumb or several fingers that is cut off, it is necessary to reattach the fingers.

However, not all broken fingers can be reattached. There are several conditions that cause finger grafting operations cannot be performed, namely:

  • Brunched or dirty fingersFingers that are crushed or contaminated (dirty) usually suffer a lot of tissue damage and are difficult to reattach. This condition often occurs in injuries from lawn mowers, chainsaws, or agricultural implements.

  • The injury has been going on for too long

    A finger that has been broken for more than 12 hours has suffered so much tissue damage that it cannot be reattached.

Besides that, there are also several considerations not to perform the operation of connecting a broken finger, including:

  • Only one finger is cut off and not the thumb, so it doesn't interfere with gripping abilities
  • Injuries occur to the fingertips where the wound's ability to heal is good enough so that it can heal on its own

Although surgery to reattach the severed finger cannot be performed, the patient still needs to undergo surgery to repair the wound. Sometimes, surgeons need to take skin from other parts of the body to cover wounds on the patient's fingers or hands.

Broken fingers can be reattached with finger grafting surgery, or not. This depends on the condition and duration of the wound. Proper first aid can increase the chances of a severed finger being reattached.

However, prevention is certainly better than cure. To avoid injury at work that could result in broken fingers, always obey the safety rules and use the recommended personal protective equipment.

Written by:

dr. Sonny Seputra, M.Ked.Klin, SpB, FINACS

(Surgeon Specialist)

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