Teeth Scaling, Here's What You Need To Understand

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Teeth Scaling, Here's What You Need To Understand
Teeth Scaling, Here's What You Need To Understand

To keep your teeth he althy and clean to the maximum, you also need to do regular dental scaling. That way, your oral he alth is maintained and you can avoid various dental and oral diseases

Tooth scaling is a non-surgical procedure performed to clean and remove tartar on the entire surface of the teeth and under the gums. This method can be done using a manual scraper or an ultrasonic scaler.

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Various Benefits of Dental Scaling

Tartar that sticks to the surface of the teeth can't be removed just by brushing your teeth. So, you need to do tooth scaling to clean tartar.

In addition to removing tartar, there are various other benefits that can be obtained if you regularly do dental scaling, namely:

1. Eliminate bad breath

People who have tartar are very susceptible to bad breath. This is because tartar is a place for bacteria that cause bad breath to breed. For that, do regular dental scaling so that your mouth becomes fresher and odor-free.

2. Teeth color becomes brighter

Tatar is formed due to plaque that sticks and hardens on the surface of the teeth. Apart from making your teeth look bad, tartar can also make your teeth look duller and look yellow.

To overcome this condition, you can do tooth scaling so that tartar can be lifted and the color of the teeth becomes brighter.

3. Prevent gum infection

Tartar that is left too long can also trigger inflammation of the gums or gingivitis. This condition can be characterized by symptoms such as swollen gums, easy bleeding, and pain.

If left untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, a serious inflammation that can damage the teeth and jawbone.

4. Reducing the risk of tooth loss

Tooth and mouth diseases caused by tartar, especially infections of the teeth and mouth, will lead to tooth loss. This condition can make it difficult for you to chew food, and reduce your self-confidence.

Therefore, do regular dental scaling so that your teeth are clean from tartar and avoid the risk of dislodged teeth.

5. Reducing the risk of heart disease

People with poor oral and dental he alth have a higher risk of developing heart disease. This is because the bacteria that accumulate on tartar can be carried by the blood and make deposits on coronary blood vessels in the heart, thus affecting the performance of the heart.

To help prevent the risk of heart disease, it is important to always maintain dental and oral he alth, including regular dental scaling.

Don't Be Afraid, Like This Dental Scaling Procedure

Scaling is basically safe, although it may cause some discomfort. The length of this procedure depends on the amount and severity of tartar you have.

The following are the steps taken by the dentist during the dental scaling procedure:

  • The doctor will examine the oral cavity as a whole and identify the location of tartar with the help of a special mirror.
  • The doctor will give the patient a local anesthetic to relieve the pain that may arise during scaling. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about this anesthetic option.
  • The doctor started to clean the tartar using an ultrasonic scaler scraper. After that, the doctor will continue cleaning using a manual scraper with a pointed tip to clean the corals that the ultrasonic scraper cannot reach.
  • The next stage, the doctor will brush the patient's teeth with an electric toothbrush and use dental floss to reach the dental plaque that is stuck between the teeth.
  • After being declared clean of tartar, the doctor will ask the patient to rinse his mouth with a liquid containing fluoride.

How often you do dental scaling depends on the condition of your dental he alth. Normally, dental scaling can be done every 6 months.However, teeth scaling can also be done more often than that if you have gum disease or are at high risk for gum disease.

Regularly performing dental scaling can not only maintain oral he alth, but also improve overall body he alth. Therefore, keep your teeth clean and check your teeth regularly to the dentist.

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