This is the correct order of steps for changing a baby's diaper

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This is the correct order of steps for changing a baby's diaper
This is the correct order of steps for changing a baby's diaper

Changing a baby's diaper is a skill that every parent must master. If Mom and Dad are becoming parents for the first time and are still confused about how to change your little one's diaper, let's see how here

In the first few months, babies can defecate about 4-8 times a day and urinate up to 20 times a day. That is why parents should check their baby's diapers regularly and change them to clean diapers as often as possible.

This is the correct sequence of steps for changing a baby's diaper - Alodokter

If your little one looks more comfortable using disposable diapers, Mom and Dad can change diapers at least every 2-3 hours. However, if your little one uses cloth diapers, they need to be changed every time they are wet to prevent irritation.

Changing a baby's diaper may seem confusing at first. However, over time, Mom and Dad will get used to it. After all, how to change disposable diapers or cloth diapers for babies is actually not much different.

Preparing to Change Baby's Diaper

Before changing the baby's diaper, Mom and Dad should prepare in advance the various equipment needed, namely:

  • A clean place to change a baby's diaper, such as a special table, mattress, or floor that has been padded
  • baby diaper
  • Baby wet wipes that don't contain alcohol or warm water and a clean cloth to clean baby's skin
  • Cream for diaper rash, if needed
  • Baby change of clothes, if needed
  • Pocket to hold used diapers

Step by Step Changing Baby Diaper

After the equipment for changing the baby's diaper is available, it's time for Mom or Dad to change the little one's dirty diaper by doing the following steps:

1. Wash your hands first

Before touching your little one and changing his diaper, don't forget to always wash your hands with soap and running water first. If water or soap is not available, Mom or Dad can also clean hands with hand sanitizer or wet wipes.

2. Open the baby's dirty diaper

Put your little one on a surface that has been coated with a clean mat, then slowly open the dirty diaper adhesive and try not to damage the adhesive. After that, pull the front of the dirty diaper and lower it down.

If your little one is a boy, cover his pubic area with a clean cloth so that when he pees, the urine flow doesn't hit Mom or Dad and himself.

Next, lift your little one's buttocks by holding both his ankles up slowly. Immediately take the front of the diaper, fold it to cover the dirty part, and place it in the plastic bag provided, then throw it in the trash.

3. Clean baby's skin

Clean the genitals, anus, and groin of the Little One, as well as the surrounding skin area from the remaining dirt or urine that is still attached with wet tissue or wet cotton until clean.

Clean the dirt from front to back to reduce the risk of infection in the urinary tract, especially in baby girls. After that, let your little one's skin dry by itself or wipe it using a dry, soft cloth or clean towel.

Mom or Dad can apply a special cream according to the doctor's recommendation on the little one's skin, if there is a diaper rash.

4. Put on a clean diaper

Tuck the back of the clean diaper under your little one's buttocks and slide it towards the waist. Make sure the adhesive position is around the waist, then pull the front of the diaper towards the baby's stomach.

Open the adhesive on the back of the diaper and pull it towards the stomach to be glued. However, don't be too tight when gluing it so that your little one still feels comfortable. If your baby's umbilical cord hasn't fallen off, try not to cover the diaper area with the umbilical cord area.

5. Dispose of dirty diapers and tissues

Dispose of soiled diapers and wet wipes or soiled wet cotton in a plastic bag. Tie the bag and throw it in the trash. Don't forget to wash your hands again after Mom or Dad has finished changing the baby's diaper.

In order not to be overwhelmed, Mother can take turns with Dad when changing Little One's diaper.If Mom or Dad has questions about your little one, such as how to have a he althy baby defecate or if your little one seems to have diaper rash, don't hesitate to consult a pediatrician.

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