Pay attention to this before choosing a babysitter

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Pay attention to this before choosing a babysitter
Pay attention to this before choosing a babysitter

For parents who have to work outside the home, the role of the babysitter is very important in nurturing and taking care of the little one everyday. However, before choosing a babysitter, there are a few things that Mom and Dad need to pay attention to

Overseas, the term babysitter refers to someone who occasionally looks after and cares for the child for a few hours, usually on weekends or evenings when the parents are traveling or doing activities outside the home.

Pay attention to this before choosing a babysitter - Alodokter

However, in Indonesia, a babysitter is often described as someone who is employed to care for and take care of children every day at home. If Mom and Dad are looking for a babysitter to help take care of your little one, first consider the following things.

The Role of Babysitters in Parenting

Using the services of a babysitter will certainly help ease the task of Mother and Father at home, especially in nurturing and taking care of the Little One. With a babysitter, Mom and Dad can be calmer when working or doing activities outside the home.

Babysitters can feed, bathe, put to sleep, take them to school, and accompany and supervise their little ones while doing various activities. That way, your little one will still get your full attention when Mom and Dad have to keep working.

Problems in Choosing a Babysitter

Actually, getting the right babysitter is not easy. There are many obstacles and considerations that Mother and Father may encounter when choosing them, for example how to find an experienced babysitter and whether a babysitter is suitable for your little one.

In addition, the costs to pay for babysitting services are also a separate consideration for every parent. The reason is that babysitting services may be relatively more expensive than entrusting children to daycare.

Tips for Choosing a Babysitter That Matches Expectations

In finding the right babysitter and according to your wishes, Mom and Dad can ask for recommendations from friends, family, neighbors, or children's schools to find reliable, responsible, and trustworthy caregivers.

Not only that, Mom and Dad also need to do the following things when choosing a babysitter:

1. Find an experienced babysitter

Pay attention to the age of the babysitter who will take care of the little one at home. If possible, choose a babysitter who is mature enough and not too young as they may be more experienced.

Mom and Dad can ask the prospective babysitter's work history in caring for and caring for previous children to find out how much experience he has.

2. Do the interview first

Even though you have received recommendations from relatives or relatives, it is better if Mom and Dad still conduct interviews with prospective babysitters first.

Don't forget to prepare a list of important questions, such as experience in caring for and caring for children and a certificate indicating that he has attended babysitting training.

A good babysitter can not only raise and care for children, but also must be able to provide first aid in an accident (P3K), if one day the child gets sick or gets injured.

3. Pay attention to the interaction between the babysitter and the child

When interviewing a babysitter at home, see how he interacts directly with your little one. Mom and Dad can also ask questions in the form of case examples, for example, what will he do if your little one is fussy or does something bad, such as throwing a toy.

Also pay attention to how the babysitter entertains or invites your little one to play.

4. Keep a good eye on the babysitter

During the first few days of the babysitter working, Mom or Dad should be at home to supervise and provide details of the tasks that are their responsibilities. Observe his work and how he interacts and takes care of your little one.

Mom or Dad can provide all the information needed to the babysitter, such as important telephone numbers that can be contacted during an emergency and where he can seek help if he needs help.

In addition, explain your little one's daily schedule and what they need to avoid, for example if the child suffers from allergies to certain substances or foods.

Finding the right babysitter is not easy. If Mom and Dad have got it, maintain a good relationship with the babysitter so that he feels comfortable and feels at home caring for and taking care of the Little One.

If you are still unsure about using the services of a babysitter, Mom and Dad can consult with a pediatrician first, especially if your little one has special needs. Doctors may be able to recommend the right babysitter for Mom and Dad.

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