Tips to Stay He althy While Working from Home (WFH)

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Tips to Stay He althy While Working from Home (WFH)
Tips to Stay He althy While Working from Home (WFH)

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, many companies allow their employees to work from home (WFH). Although it sounds fun, working from home can be difficult and make us forget to adopt a he althy lifestyle

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Tips for Staying He althy While Working from Home (WFH) - Alodokter

Work from home (WFH) is not an excuse for you to spend the rest of the time after work by just lying down or eating snacks while watching television. Besides being able to reduce productivity, these habits can also affect your he alth.

Therefore, it would be nice if you remained disciplined in implementing a he althy lifestyle, especially during the current Corona virus infection outbreak. How to apply it is easy, really.

Stay He althy While Working from Home

The following are some simple activities that you can apply while undergoing WFH to keep your body he althy:

1. Stay up early and have breakfast

During WFH, you can indeed wake up later than usual. However, it is important to get used to getting up early, so that your sleep patterns are regular and your he alth can be better maintained.

In addition, when you wake up early, you will have extra time to cook he althy food and enjoy breakfast. A he althy and relaxing breakfast can not only give you energy for the rest of the day, but it can also prepare your mind to be more focused at work.

2. Sunbathing in the morning

In addition to breakfast, you are also advised to sunbathe in the morning. This habit can not only improve bone he alth, but also can make your mood better. This will certainly have a positive influence on your performance while undergoing WFH.

3. Sit in the correct position

When WFH, your working position is indeed more free, even while lying on your stomach in bed. However, you should still work in a sitting position like you are working in an office, namely with a chair and a table.

While it may feel more comfortable at first, working lying down or on your stomach for too long can increase your risk of back, neck or shoulder pain, as the muscles in these areas become stiff.

In addition, it is recommended that you stand up and walk or stretch at least once an hour. This method is useful for reducing muscle tension that is long enough to stay in the same position.

4. Eat he althy food

In order to maintain body resistance and he alth, consume he althy foods with balanced nutritional content, which contain protein, carbohydrates, good fats, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

With more time at home, you can also cook more often. Try a variety of he althy food recipes so that your menu is varied and you don't get bored quickly.

Besides, there is no time limit like in the office can make your eating schedule change during WFH. As much as possible, stick to your usual eating schedule to avoid digestive problems, such as acid reflux.

5. Limit and wisely choose the snacks you eat

The temptation to eat savory and sweet snacks tends to be greater during WFH. However, you should still limit the consumption of snacks, especially those high in calories and sugar, to keep your weight under control.

Snacking on foods such as potato chips, chocolate, or other light snacks might make you more excited for a moment. However, research has shown that this snack can actually make you tired easily and find it difficult to concentrate. This of course can make WFH activities not smooth.

If you feel hungry in the middle of work, choose he althy snacks, such as fruit, nuts, yogurt, or low-fat dairy products. Besides being able to overcome hunger, this snack can also provide good nutrition for the body.

6. Do regular exercise

To keep your body and mind he althy while undergoing WFH, you must still make time to exercise. There are many sports at home that you can do, from yoga, push ups, aerobics, jumping rope, to zumba.

If you need expert guidance, follow the online exercise tutorials available on various social media platforms. In addition, you can also go for a morning run outside the house. However, there is a condition. Continue to apply physical distancing, which is to keep a distance of 1-3 meters from the people around you.

7. Don't forget social contacts

Even though you are in the comfort of home, over time you might feel bored and lonely. Naturally, your social interactions while working at home will certainly be less than when you work in the office.

What's more, the epidemic news you see on TV or social media can make you nervous. Be careful, this can affect your mental he alth, you know. At times like this, you need support and interaction with those closest to you to improve your mood and ease your worries.

WFH can indeed make you have more free time at home. However, it is not uncommon for people to become complacent about this extra time and use it to relax all day.

Make WFH your chance to live a he althy lifestyle. Indeed, practicing this is not as easy as imagined. However, with discipline and focus, a he althy and productive WFH is not impossible to achieve.

If while working at home you have he alth complaints or questions about he alth, whether related to COVID-19 or not, you can consult a doctor via chat on the Alodokter application. In this application, you can also make an appointment with a doctor at the hospital if it is necessary.

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