Mother, Come on, Know the Causes of Lazy Babies Eating

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Mother, Come on, Know the Causes of Lazy Babies Eating
Mother, Come on, Know the Causes of Lazy Babies Eating

When Mother offered food, the Little One suddenly closed his mouth and refused. In fact, usually he was always excited when it was time to eat. Instead of guessing what causes babies to be lazy to eat, let's find out why here

The problem of babies being difficult and lazy to eat is often experienced by many parents. If the cause is not treated immediately, over time the baby may be malnourished and fail to thrive. Therefore, it is important for Mother to find out the reason why the Little One is lazy to eat.

Mother, Come on, Know the Causes of Lazy Babies Eating - Alodokter
Mother, Come on, Know the Causes of Lazy Babies Eating - Alodokter

Common Causes of Lazy Babies to Eat

The following are some of the things that usually cause babies to be reluctant to eat:

1. Unwell

When your little one is lazy to eat, maybe he is not in a he althy condition. Some conditions such as coughs, colds, canker sores, and constipation, can reduce a baby's appetite, so he is reluctant to eat even though these foods are his favorite.

2. Teething

The period of starting to eat solid food is also the time when the baby starts teething. Well, this discomfort from swollen and sore gums can make your little one lazy to eat.

In addition to not wanting to eat, your little one also becomes more sensitive and fussy. But, Mom, take it easy, after the teeth grow and the pain has disappeared, your little one's appetite will come back again, really. Mothers can also relieve your little one's teething complaints by gently massaging his swollen gums, so he wants to eat.

3. Not hungry

Lazy eating can also be a sign that your little one is not hungry. If you give him lots of snacks and milk some time before it's time to eat, he may still feel full so he's lazy to eat.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not give your little one a snack at least 1 hour before his meal time. That way, his hunger will come when it's time to eat and the Little One will voraciously eat the food that Mother gives.

4. Bored with food menu

Giving the same food menu repeatedly can make your little one bored, you know, Bun. Well, if lately the menu given is just the same, Mother can try changing the menu with new recipes or food ingredients that she has never tried.

Before giving it to your little one, also pay attention to the temperature and taste of the food. Make sure the temperature of the food is not too hot or cold and the taste of the food is not too bitter, so that your little one does not refuse the food that you give.

Lazy eating can be experienced by babies at any time. If your little one experiences this condition, be patient and don't give up easily, OK? Also, it's important that you don't force him to eat, because that can traumatize him.

However, if your little one keeps refusing the food that you give him, it's a good idea to immediately see a doctor, right, Bun. Don't let this lazy meal cause your little one to lose weight or become malnourished.