Not Only Nausea, Here Are 9 Signs of Pregnancy That Are Rarely Realized

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Not Only Nausea, Here Are 9 Signs of Pregnancy That Are Rarely Realized
Not Only Nausea, Here Are 9 Signs of Pregnancy That Are Rarely Realized

In addition to nausea, vomiting, and late menstruation, there are a number of pregnancy signs that often appear but some women may rarely realize. What are the signs of pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be seen through its very diverse characteristics. The signs of pregnancy have even been seen or felt since the early weeks of pregnancy.

Not Only Nausea, Here Are 9 Signs Of Pregnancy That Are Rarely Realized - Alodokter

However, sometimes some signs of pregnancy are difficult to distinguish from symptoms of certain he alth conditions or even signs of menstruation (premenstrual syndrome), so many women do not realize that they are pregnant.

Recognizing the Symptoms of This Rarely Realized Pregnancy

There are at least 9 signs of pregnancy that are rarely realized and are often mistaken for he alth problems, not signs of pregnancy. These characteristics are:

1. Bleeding from the vagina

Not a few women are fooled and think that bleeding from the vagina is a sign of menstruation. In fact, it can also be an early sign of pregnancy. This pregnancy symptom is known as implantation bleeding.

Although they are similar, implantation bleeding and vaginal discharge due to menstruation have different characteristics.

Blood that comes out during menstruation is usually more heavy and thick and red in color, while the blood that comes out of the vagina due to implantation bleeding is usually only a little and is brownish or pink in color.

2. Mood changes easily

One of the characteristics of pregnancy is mood swings or mood swings. These pregnancy characteristics usually begin to be felt when a woman's gestational age reaches 6-10 weeks.

Mood changes easily can occur due to hormonal changes, such as estrogen and progesterone. Increased levels of pregnancy hormones also affect nerve cells in the brain, so that the mood of pregnant women is easily changed.

3. Frequent urination

Frequent urination is a sign of pregnancy. This complaint arises because of the increase in the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) during pregnancy. This makes the production of urine in the body increase, so that the bladder is full more easily.

In addition to pregnancy hormones, complaints of frequent urination as a feature of pregnancy can also arise due to the enlargement of the size of the uterus which can put pressure on the bladder, so that the urge to urinate will be felt more often. This can make pregnant women urinate more than 6-8 times a day.

4. Sensitive to smell

Sensitivity to smell is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and can have an impact on the onset of nausea experienced by pregnant women (morning sickness).

In fact, not a few pregnant women still feel nauseous when they smell something fragrant and previously did not cause nausea, such as perfume or fragrance.

5. Constipation

Many women often mistakenly think that constipation is just the result of an unhe althy diet, even though constipation can also be a sign of pregnancy.

This is due to hormonal changes during pregnancy which make the muscles in the digestive tract more relaxed and the uterus is getting bigger and presses on the intestines. These changes in a pregnant woman's body can make bowel movements slower, causing constipation.

6. Body limp

The body feels weak and occurs for no apparent reason, it does not mean you are not eating enough, not getting enough rest, or being sick. This could be due to hormonal changes that occur when you are pregnant.

During pregnancy, the body produces more of the hormone progesterone. This increase in hormones can make pregnant women feel weak and sleepy more often.

In addition, mood swings also consume energy. All of these things can make the body feel weak even though you are not doing much.

7. Dizzy

Women who are pregnant often feel dizzy easily. This can be caused by a decrease in blood pressure in early pregnancy which is normal. The characteristics of this pregnancy can usually be felt when the gestational age has only reached about 6 weeks.

8. Stuffy nose and nosebleed

Increased hormone levels in the body during pregnancy can also cause the nose to swell, dry, and bleed more easily. This can make pregnant women more prone to nasal congestion and nosebleeds.

9. Tighter breasts

If you feel your breasts become firmer, denser, and sensitive, it could be a sign that you are pregnant.

Because breast tightening is a common physical change in the early weeks of pregnancy.As the gestational age increases, the changes that occur in the breasts will be more visible. This is a natural process for the body to prepare for the birth of a baby and the breastfeeding process.

If you feel the symptoms of pregnancy above, you can try to do a pregnancy test yourself using a testpack.

If the result is positive, it indicates that you are already pregnant. However, if the results of the test pack are negative, you can repeat it in a week later or consult a gynecologist to make sure that the appearance of the symptoms of pregnancy is caused by pregnancy or other reasons.

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