Don't underestimate, here are the benefits behind family time

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Don't underestimate, here are the benefits behind family time
Don't underestimate, here are the benefits behind family time

Family time or time with family is a moment when you and your family members do activities together. Behind this moment, there are a myriad of benefits, both for you, your partner, and the children

The fatigue of working on a weekday might make you want to spend the weekend lazing all day. However, sometimes you have to use your weekends to catch up on unfinished office work. Even so, it would be nice if you could spend the weekend to do family time.

Don't Underestimate, Here Are the Benefits Behind Family Time - Alodokter

Family time doesn't always mean you have to go out and spend a lot of money, you know. There are many activities at home that you can do with family members, such as cooking, reading books, growing crops in your yard, or watching movies together.

Sederet Benefits of Family Time

During family time, you can exchange stories and experiences with children and partners. This can make your family relationship closer and warmer. Remember, the key to a harmonious family relationship is good communication. The following are some of the benefits of family time for families:

For parents

1. Maintaining harmony

It's not impossible that busy work or taking care of children can reduce time with your partner. Family time can be an opportunity to spend time with your partner so that your relationship remains harmonious.

A harmonious parental relationship can build a harmonious relationship among children as well. This is because children will take an example from the way parents communicate and interact with one another.

2. Unwind from daily activities

If you are dizzy with a pile of work at home or at the office, family time can be a time to release fatigue from daily activities. Through this moment, you can let yourself laugh out loud with your children and partner.

Although it looks simple, laughing cheerfully with family can reduce stress and depression, boost the immune system, and is good for heart he alth, you know. So, come on, take time to have fun with your family.

2. A moment to show good things to children

Because children like to imitate their parents, you need to be a good role model for them. Well, you can use activities with your family as a means to teach good things to children.

For example, when you and your partner take your child to grow crops in the garden, you can teach him how to love plants. When you ask your partner to help you get something, set an example for your child on how to ask for a good favor and how to respect others by saying 'thank you'.

For children:

1. Make them feel loved and cared for by their parents

When parents take the time to do family time, children will feel loved and cared for by their parents. If on normal days you often allow your child to play alone with their toys, you can use family time to play with your child and find out what activities he likes.

2. A place to express feelings

As children get older, children's feelings and behaviors develop, especially children who are already teenagers. This may cause the child to sometimes feel confused about what he is feeling or what he really needs to do.

Family time can be a place for children to open up and express their feelings, express complaints, or ask things they don't understand. However, parents also need to be open so that their children don't hesitate to do this.

3. Improve social skills

Family time can teach children to learn to be confident and socialize with their environment. If the child is used to establishing he althy communication with his parents, it is hoped that later he will have no trouble making friends outside the home.

Family time is a simple thing, but full of benefits. So, try to always make time for your child and partner, either to chat or share a laugh together.

If possible, make time for family time every day, not just on weekends. Even if it's only 30 minutes, it's enough to build a better relationship with your spouse or child.

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