Information About Nutrition Consultation and Diet

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Information About Nutrition Consultation and Diet
Information About Nutrition Consultation and Diet

Nutrition and diet consultation is a service provided by a nutritionist. This service is provided to patients who want to improve their nutritional intake and get the right diet, according to their he alth condition

Nutrition and diet counseling is useful for people who want to change their lifestyle to be he althier, for example people who want to have an ideal body weight. In addition, this consultation is also useful for people with certain diseases who require a special diet and nutritional intake.

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Nutrition consultation generally includes four stages, namely:

  1. Examination of all aspects of the patient's life, including he alth conditions, lifestyle, diet, behavior and mindset, environment, and social background
  2. Planning the right diet and form of exercise or exercise for the patient, based on the results of the previous examination
  3. Discussion with the patient about the purpose of the plan that has been made, and asking the patient to carry out the plan, so that the patient gets the expected results
  4. Evaluate the patient's results and progress

The four stages are carried out by continuously generating interest and enthusiasm in the patient. In other words, nutrition and diet consultation must be accompanied by the patient's commitment to make changes to their old habits.

Indications for Nutrition Consultation and Diet

Nutrition and diet consultation can be done to help treat or meet nutritional needs in patients with the following conditions:

  • Overweight or obesity
  • Malnutrition or malnutrition
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure or hypertension
  • Inflammation of the intestines
  • Celiac Disease
  • Allergies
  • kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

Consultation on nutrition and diet can also be undertaken by pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and women who are planning a pregnancy. By undergoing nutrition and diet consultations, nutrition specialists will ensure that mothers and babies get the nutrients they need.

Preparation and Implementation of Nutrition and Dietary Consultation

Nutrition consultation and diet generally do not require special preparation. Patients can directly visit a nutritionist to discuss nutritional intake and diet, weight problems, or recommended diets for their he alth problems.

The nutrition and diet consultation begins with a question and answer session regarding the patient's condition, including medical history, medications being consumed, lifestyle, and daily eating patterns.

The doctor will also ask about factors that can affect the patient's nutritional intake, such as daily activities, education level, economic level, and occupation.

After that, the doctor will check the patient's physical condition, including measuring height and weight, body fat percentage, and visceral fat. The doctor will also carry out supporting examinations, such as blood tests to see blood sugar, cholesterol, and fat levels.

The next step the doctor will take is to check the patient's cognitive function and mental condition.This examination aims to find out how the patient thinks and feels about his self-image, the diet he has been living so far, and the planning of the eating pattern that he will undergo later.

For example, obesity can occur because someone uses food as an outlet for emotions or stress. In this condition, it will be difficult to adjust the diet before the patient can find a solution to control his stress and emotions.

Therefore, nutritionists need to change the patient's mindset and habits first. If necessary, the doctor will advise the patient to undergo therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

After all the stages above are completed, the doctor will make a diet that must be followed by the patient, based on the patient's condition and needs.

After Consultation on Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and diet consultations generally only last a few hours. After the consultation is complete, the patient will be advised to apply the advice given by the doctor.

It is important to remember that patients can achieve optimal he alth conditions by improving their nutritional intake and diet, if:

  • Patients have a strong inner awareness and will to deal with nutritional and dietary problems.
  • Patients adhere to the diet that has been prepared by the doctor during the consultation session.
  • Patients make he althy eating a habit.

The implementation of eating patterns according to doctor's recommendations generally must be done in the long term. Patients also need regular check-ups with the doctor to evaluate the results achieved. If necessary, the doctor will make some changes to the previous diet settings so that the results are better.

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