Mother, this is how to deal with newborns staying up all night

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Mother, this is how to deal with newborns staying up all night
Mother, this is how to deal with newborns staying up all night

Newborns sleep cycle is still not regular, and it could be that he will stay up all night. Even though Mother is willing to stay up late, of course it will be more fun if the little one's sleep pattern is the same as Mother. Want to know how? Listen here, come on

After giving birth, staying up late is a new routine that you have to live with. At this time, the newborn's sleep pattern is not regular, because he is still adapting to the new world outside the womb. Babies also need to feed every 2-3 hours, so he will wake up or even have to be woken up.

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Nevertheless, you don't have to worry. Generally, this condition will only last until the baby is 2 months old. If trained properly, your little one's sleep pattern will slowly change and follow your mother's sleep pattern.

Tips for Training Newborn Sleep Patterns

Regular sleep patterns can be trained as early as possible, precisely after the baby is 1 month old. There are various ways to do this, and here are some of them:

1. Making notes

Recording your little one's sleep habits every day can help you plan your sleep schedule. If this has been started from the beginning, your little one will get used to it and eventually will form a regular sleep pattern in 2 months.

Even so, keep in mind that your baby's sleeping habits will change every day. If today your little one sleeps for 3 hours from 8 pm, it could be that the next day he does not sleep at all until 10 pm. So, you still need to recognize the signs of a sleepy baby.

2. Recognizing the signs of a sleepy baby

Mother must recognize signs that your little one is sleepy, including not wanting to see Mother, rubbing her eyes, yawning, and fussing. If you see these signs, put your little one on the bed immediately.

So that it is easy for him to fall asleep, arrange the bedroom as comfortable as possible. The trick is to dim the lights and create a calm sleeping atmosphere.

3. Distinguishing day and night

Mother needs to determine that the day is the time to be active and the night is the time to rest. So, when entering the afternoon and evening, let the light in the room be a little dim to reduce stimulation. Mother also needs to turn off the television so that the atmosphere becomes quieter.

In the morning and afternoon, do the opposite. Mother can open the bedroom window so that light enters and the little one wakes up from his sleep. After that, invite him to play. In this way, the baby will learn when it is time to sleep and when it is time to play.

4. Monitoring his habits

After the little one turns 2 months old, his sleep pattern usually starts to become regular because the habit of breastfeeding at night has started to decrease.

So, if at this age his weight continues to increase or according to his age, there is no need to wake him up to feed. It will wake up automatically if it feels hungry, really.

Each Baby's Sleep Pattern is Different

Baby sleep schedule in every family is different because it depends on the conditions and habits applied. To be sure, Mother still needs to adapt to existing changes, so that caring for the Little One can feel easier and more enjoyable.

Creating a sleep schedule so that the baby doesn't stay up all night is important. However, don't get hung up on the schedule and activities that have been set, because this can frustrate you, considering that your little one will continue to develop and always have new habits.

If you are going back to work after maternity leave, you need to be disciplined in implementing a new schedule before actually leaving your little one at home. The reason is so that when entrusted to a daycare, he can adapt to his new activities.

There are many ways that can be done so that newborns don't stay up all night. To be sure, as long as your little one adapts to his sleeping hours, you have to be smart in managing the time so that your resting time is adequate.

So, if possible, take a moment to sleep while your little one is sleeping. If you have applied these methods but the newborn's habit of staying up all night continues, you can consult this with your pediatrician.

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