Tooth cyst, know the causes and how to treat it

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Tooth cyst, know the causes and how to treat it
Tooth cyst, know the causes and how to treat it

Tooth cysts are the formation of fluid-filled pockets around the teeth and gums. Tooth cysts are usually caused by an infection in the root of a dead tooth. Although not always dangerous, dental cysts can sometimes appear accompanied by inflammation and infection of the teeth and gums

Tooth cysts are often asymptomatic, so they are only discovered after the patient has done a dental examination or X-rays of the arrangement of the teeth and jawbone. In fact, the treatment of dental cysts as early as possible needs to be done so as not to cause other dental he alth problems.

Tooth cysts, know the causes and how to treat them - Alodokter

Recognizing the Causes of Tooth Cysts

Tooth cysts form at the tips of the roots of the teeth, but they can also appear on the gums. Tooth cysts can cause swelling of the gums and do not go away on their own. Generally, only one dental cyst is formed, but there are some conditions when more than one tooth cyst can appear.

There are several causes of tooth cysts, including:

  • Untreated tooth infection, so that the tooth tissue rots and dies
  • Abnormalities in the growth of teeth, for example the position of the teeth growing sideways in the gums
  • Teeth left in the gums or impacted teeth
  • Genetic factor, but it rarely happens

To find out the cause of the dental cyst you are suffering from, you need a direct examination by a dentist. To diagnose dental cysts or other conditions that accompany them, the dentist will perform a physical examination and supporting tests, such as X-rays of the teeth.

Tooth cyst is different from tooth abscess. A tooth abscess is characterized by an infection that causes the formation of pus around the teeth and gums. Symptoms of a tooth abscess can include toothache, swelling of the gums, and difficulty opening the mouth.

Meanwhile, dental cysts do not always cause infection. Tooth cysts can also grow slowly over months or even years without causing any symptoms.

Tooth Cyst Treatment and Prevention

The following are some of the steps that dentists can take to treat dental cysts:

Use of drugs

Tooth cysts that are very small can be treated by taking medications, such as antibiotics and painkillers. Antibiotics are used for dental cysts accompanied by infection, while painkillers are used to treat pain caused by dental cysts.


If the dental cyst cannot be treated with antibiotics and painkillers, the doctor will perform surgery to remove the cyst. Not only removing cysts, this operation also aims to repair damaged tissue due to cysts and prevent cysts from appearing in other dental areas.

Although it can be treated, dental cysts should be prevented by maintaining good hygiene and taking care of your teeth properly. This includes regularly brushing your teeth with toothpaste at least 2 times a day, using dental floss at least once a day, and reducing the consumption of sugary foods and drinks that can damage your teeth.

In addition, check your dental and oral he alth regularly to the dentist at least every 6 months. If left too long, dental cysts can cause more severe tooth decay. Therefore, the sooner a dental cyst is detected, the better the chances of a cure.

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