Benefits of Afternoon Running for Body He alth

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Benefits of Afternoon Running for Body He alth
Benefits of Afternoon Running for Body He alth

Generally, people do jogging in the morning. However, there are also those who do it in the afternoon. You may be wondering what are the benefits of an afternoon run for your he alth. Is it different from the benefits of running at other times?

The benefits of running for he alth are clear, including strengthening muscles and bones, burning calories, he althy heart, and maintaining weight. If you regularly exercise, including running, your risk for certain diseases can be reduced.

The Benefits of Afternoon Running for Body He alth - Alodokter

Various Benefits of Afternoon Running

So far, there have been no research results that say that running at certain times will provide better he alth benefits than if done at other times.

Nevertheless, there are several benefits that you can get if you do a running routine in the afternoon, namely:

1. Improve performance in sports

A study proves that body performance will increase in the afternoon, to be precise around 2-6 pm. At this time, body functions, including muscle function, are at optimal levels. In addition, in the afternoon the absorption of oxygen in the body becomes higher.

By increasing the body's ability to absorb oxygen, your body becomes more effective in using energy and the exercise you do can become more optimal, especially when you do high-intensity exercise.

2. Improve sleep quality

A study found that people who exercise in the afternoon tend to sleep better and last longer at night. If you're trying to improve your sleep pattern, this afternoon run benefit is perfect for you.

3. Helps relieve stress

Exercise, including running, is known to reduce stress hormones and increase endorphins, which can improve mood. You can use running in the afternoon to release stress and tension that plagues the day, whether you are studying or working.

4. Burning lunch calories

Lunch is usually a long-awaited meal, especially for those who have to rush to the office and don't have breakfast in the morning.

All of this can make a person go crazy and eat a lot during the day. Finally, lunch calories become too large.If this happens to you, take advantage of an afternoon run to burn those calories. This trick can prevent you from becoming obese if you do it consistently.

In addition to the benefits above, with an afternoon run, you also don't have to bother getting up early to go to exercise. So, you can relax more and enjoy your time exercising. This can be a perfect choice if you are the type of person who is more active in the afternoon to the evening.

Actually, you can feel the benefits of running in the afternoon and in the morning if you do it regularly. If you still have further questions, you can consult a fitness expert or doctor to determine the type of exercise and the right time, according to your body condition and he alth.

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