When can a newborn baby be taken out of the house?

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When can a newborn baby be taken out of the house?
When can a newborn baby be taken out of the house?

After giving birth, you may often hear that newborns should not be taken out of the house immediately. In fact, there are also those who say that parents need to wait until the baby is 40 days old before he can be taken out of the house. Is that so?

Indeed, extra protection and attention needs to be given to newborns, especially if the baby has a compromised immune system or was born prematurely. However, babies generally don't need to stay in the house for weeks after birth, right, Bun.

When can a newborn baby be taken out of the house? - Alodokter

Medically, there is actually no definite benchmark when a newborn can be taken out of the house. As long as your little one is he althy, you can take him out of the house. Taking the baby out of the house has even been proven to make him sleep better at night.

Things to Pay Attention to before Taking the Baby Out of the House

Although generally safe, there are still things that must be considered before taking a newborn out of the house, among others.

1. Watch the weather

Before taking your little one out of the house, always make sure the weather outside is friendly enough for him, yes, Bun, which is not too hot and also not raining heavily. The reason is, taking the baby for a walk with unfavorable weather might make him restless or cranky.

2. Customize your little one's clothes

Mother, you should also adjust your little one's clothes to the weather and the place to be. Avoid wearing clothes that are too skimpy or thin when going to a mall filled with air conditioning. On the other hand, avoid wearing clothes that are too thick and covered when taking your little one to a warm place.

3. Avoid direct sun exposure

Baby's delicate skin can easily be stung by direct sunlight. So, Mothers are recommended to prevent their little ones from direct sunlight, by protecting them using umbrellas and hats.

If your little one is brought in a stroller, use the cover. If necessary, cover the skin with sunscreen that is safe for babies.

4. Limit distance with other people

Limiting your little one's distance from other people also needs to be considered, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic like now.Keep Mother and Little One's distance from other people about 2 meters. This is important to do because you never know the people around you are sick or not.

During the pandemic, actually you can just go out of the house with your little one to enjoy the fresh air. The risk of babies contracting COVID-19 is also quite low, because generally when traveling, babies will only be in a stroller and not touch any surface.

5. Don't go near sick people

Although you can take your baby out of the house, you must also pay attention to the destination.

As much as possible, keep your little one away from places where there are a lot of sick people, because the baby's immune system is still not fully developed and not strong enough to fight infection. This is why you should also stick to your baby's immunization schedule.

6. Don't let just anyone hold the Little One

It's best not to let just anyone hold, hold, or kiss your little one, yes, Bun. At the very least, make sure they wash their hands before coming into contact with your little one.

In addition to the things above, it is important to pay attention to the right time to take your baby out of the house, namely after he has taken a nap or eaten, and after changing diapers. Don't forget to also bring your little one's equipment, especially if he is invited to leave the house for more than 1 hour. Usually, babies will need extra clothes, food and diapers.

Besides being good for the little one, going out is also good for the mother, especially those who haven't been out of the house since giving birth. Remember, a he althy baby starts with a he althy and happy mother. So, as long as your little one is he althy, there's no need to hesitate to take him outside, Bun.

However, if your little one has certain conditions, it's a good idea to consult your pediatrician first to get more information about the safety of taking your little one out of the house.

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