These are the various causes of mothers feeling sick while breastfeeding

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These are the various causes of mothers feeling sick while breastfeeding
These are the various causes of mothers feeling sick while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding provides many benefits, both for babies and mothers. Pain during breastfeeding is generally normal and there are many ways to deal with it, so you don't need to use it as an excuse to give up and not give exclusive breastfeeding to your little one, okay

Breastfeeding is natural. However, it turns out that there are many obstacles that you may experience during the early days of breastfeeding, such as sore breasts. Don't worry, this pain when breastfeeding is common and will usually subside within the first 3 months of breastfeeding.

These are the various causes of mothers feeling sick while breastfeeding - Alodokter

Sources of Pain While Breastfeeding

Recognizing the source of pain while breastfeeding is the first thing that is important for mothers to do, so that this condition can be treated appropriately. Pain during breastfeeding is felt by most mothers during the first week of breast milk (ASI) coming out of the nipple, especially if the milk does not come out smoothly.

Besides that, there are several other things that can also cause pain during breastfeeding, including:

1. Breast swelling

You don't have to worry. Breast engorgement is common in early breastfeeding. At this time, the breasts will feel firmer, heavier, and tense. This condition is the body's way of working so that the baby gets enough milk.

Besides that, swelling may also arise if the baby is no longer breastfeeding or the positioning is not right, so that the milk production is less effective.

2. Incorrect breastfeeding position

In addition to causing swollen breasts, improper positioning can also cause the baby to only bite his mother's nipples. This is actually normal at the start of breastfeeding. However, if this persists for more than 1 minute, you may need to check whether the breastfeeding position is correct.

3. Dry or cracked nipples

Dry or cracked nipples can be caused by basically dry skin, incorrect positioning when pumping breast milk, improper latch of the baby's mouth, or yeast infection.

This condition can cause blood to come out when you are breastfeeding or pumping breast milk. Even though it looks worrying, it's okay if this blood gets into the little one's mouth, because usually there is only a small amount.

4. Fungal infection

If you or your little one are taking antibiotics to treat an infection, the risk of a yeast infection on your little one's nipples and mouth will increase.Unlike normal pain, yeast infections can cause pain that lasts up to 1 hour after breastfeeding.

5. Mastitis

Mastitis is inflammation of one part of the breast due to swelling or blockage of the breast glands. This condition can cause fever, and a swollen, hard, and red area of ​​the breast that can be very painful while breastfeeding.

Even though it hurts, you should still breastfeed your little one to remove as much milk as possible from the breast and help relieve swelling. In addition, Mother can also express breast milk for storage. If it still doesn't get better in a few days, you should immediately consult a doctor.

6. Breast abscess

Breast abscess can occur if mastitis is not treated properly. This abscess needs to be treated with surgery to remove the buildup of pus. If you experience this condition, you can only continue breastfeeding after the abscess is dry.

Besides the factors above, there are several other things that can also cause pain while breastfeeding, such as improper nursing bras, menstruation, or breast cyst disease.

Tips for Overcoming Pain During Breastfeeding

The following are some tips that you can do independently at home to relieve pain while breastfeeding:

  • Give cold or warm compresses to the breast.
  • Get enough rest and drink enough mineral water.
  • Take paracetamol or ibuprofen at the dose recommended by the doctor.
  • Keep breastfeeding and pumping or expressing milk to prevent the above conditions from worsening.
  • Wear a nursing bra and clothes that don't compress the breasts.
  • Wear a nipple shield or nipple shield to help your nipples stick out more and stick more easily.
  • Make sure the breastfeeding position is correct. If necessary, ask the nurse or midwife for help.
  • Keep your breasts clean by always cleaning them slowly every shower.
  • Wear the cream recommended by the doctor when you are not breastfeeding to keep the nipple skin moist.

Pain while breastfeeding might make you want to give up. This is actually a natural thing and probably felt by almost all mothers. However, you need to know that while breastfeeding, your body will also release the hormone oxytocin.

This hormone can cause a feeling of happiness that makes your mind divert from pain, into a sense of pride and appreciation for your struggle to keep breastfeeding. So, breastfeeding itself can be medicine for you. However, don't forget to reward yourself with good self-care, too, Bun.

If your breasts still hurt even though you have applied the tips above, immediately consult a doctor, midwife, or lactation consultant to determine the cause and get the right treatment.

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