Know How To Quickly Lower Cholesterol Here

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Know How To Quickly Lower Cholesterol Here
Know How To Quickly Lower Cholesterol Here

How to quickly lower cholesterol naturally is not impossible. You can even do without easily. For more details, see the explanation below regarding how to lower cholesterol quickly and naturally

Cholesterol has an important role in the body. However, if the levels in the blood are too high, cholesterol can cause various bad effects on he alth, such as heart disease.

Here's How To Quickly Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Basically, the most effective way to quickly lower cholesterol is to use cholesterol-lowering drugs. However, there are also several natural ways that are considered to be able to lower cholesterol quickly, namely:

1. Consumption of cholesterol-lowering foods

If you have high cholesterol levels, you should change your diet to be he althier and nutritionally balanced. In addition, increase the consumption of cholesterol-lowering foods, such as whole grains, nuts, fruits, olive oil, and various types of fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel.

2. Limit fat intake

Fat is a nutrient needed by the body. But if you have high cholesterol, avoid consuming foods that contain saturated fat and trans fat. These foods can increase bad cholesterol levels in the blood.

Therefore, start limiting your intake of high saturated and trans fats, such as fast food, butter, fried foods, and various cakes and cakes.

3. Stop smoking

Quitting smoking is a fast way to lower cholesterol that should not be missed. Smoking or simply inhaling secondhand smoke can increase bad cholesterol (LDL) and lower good cholesterol (HDL) in your blood.

In addition, smoking can also cause problems with the walls of blood vessels, including the blood vessels of the heart and brain. This condition will greatly increase the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke if accompanied by high cholesterol.

4. Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages

A study has shown that alcoholic beverages consumed in moderation can increase HDL levels. However, drinking alcohol to reduce cholesterol levels is not recommended, because the risks of alcohol to cause disease tend to outweigh the benefits.

Excessive alcohol consumption can increase the amount of oxidized LDL. If this happens, the blood vessels will be more susceptible to atherosclerosis. This means that the risk of cardiovascular disease is higher.

5. Regular exercise

Exercise is believed to increase HDL. Optimal HDL levels are very important to reduce cholesterol quickly, because this good cholesterol acts as a carrier of bad cholesterol in the blood to return to the liver.

Not only that, exercise is also beneficial for heart and blood vessel he alth, and can reduce your weight. Therefore, at least do exercise for 30 minutes every day, such as cycling, swimming, jogging, and aerobic exercise.

6. Taking supplements

A study says that fish oil supplements rich in omega-3 fatty acids are believed to lower cholesterol and improve your heart he alth. Make sure you follow the instructions for use listed on the packaging label.

Cholesterol has an important function in the body, but cholesterol can also cause blockage of blood vessels and heart disease when levels are not controlled. Therefore, blood cholesterol levels need to be controlled with a he althy lifestyle to stay within normal limits.

Apply the quick ways to lower cholesterol above in your daily life. In addition, you are also advised to consult a doctor regularly to check your cholesterol levels and he alth condition.

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