Bumps in the Mouth of the Womb Can Be Caused by These Various Diseases

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Bumps in the Mouth of the Womb Can Be Caused by These Various Diseases
Bumps in the Mouth of the Womb Can Be Caused by These Various Diseases

The appearance of a lump in the cervix often makes every woman who experiences it feel worried. This is because these lumps are often associated with cervical cancer. Not only that, there are several other conditions that can also cause lumps to form in the cervix

Although generally harmless, a lump in the cervix should not be taken lightly. This is because the lump can be a symptom of a serious disease that you are suffering from.

Lump in the Mouth of the womb can be caused by these various diseases - Alodokter

Therefore, understanding and being aware of the possible causes of a lump in the cervix is ​​important so that it can be detected early and treatment can be done immediately.

The Causes of Lump in the Mouth of the Uterus

The following are some diseases that can cause lumps to appear in the cervix:

1. Uterine polyps

The appearance of a lump in the cervix can be due to uterine polyps. Initially, the lump is only one and oval in shape. However, the bumps that appear can grow more and more over time.

Usually, polyps that appear in the cervix are benign. This means that it is less likely that uterine polyps can develop into uterine cancer.

Increased levels of the hormone estrogen, cervical inflammation, and hormonal changes in women, may be the cause of the appearance of uterine polyps.Although it is not known exactly what the main cause is, women over the age of 40 tend to be more at risk of developing uterine polyps.

In addition to lumps, uterine polyps can also cause symptoms in the form of an abnormal menstrual cycle, white or yellow vaginal discharge, and bleeding that occurs after sexual intercourse, outside the menstrual period, and after menopause.

2. Nabothi cyst

Lumps in the cervix can be caused by Nabothi cysts. Generally, Nabothi cysts are filled with fluid or mucus from the uterine glands, with a white or yellow appearance. The number of lumps that appear can be more than one with various sizes, some even measure up to 4 cm in diameter.

Nabothi cysts appear because the glands that produce cervical mucus are blocked, causing small white bumps to appear on the surface of the cervical tissue.

3. Condyloma acuminata

Condyloma acuminata or known as genital warts can also be the cause of the appearance of lumps in the cervix. The bumps that appear are generally small and can grow to resemble a cauliflower.

Not only in the cervix, condyloma acuminata in women can also appear in other areas of the body, such as the vagina, anus, lips, mouth, or tongue. The appearance of these lumps is generally caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

A person can get candida acuminata if they have direct contact or have risky (unprotected) sexual intercourse with someone who has the disease.

4. Cervical cancer

A lump in the cervix can be a sign of cervical cancer caused by infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). To reduce the risk of cervical cancer, it is important for every woman to have regular Pap smears as recommended by doctors as an early detection step for cervical cancer.

There are several symptoms to watch out for along with the appearance of a lump in the cervix, including lower abdominal pain, bleeding after sexual intercourse and between menstrual cycles, or abnormal vaginal discharge.

If you experience any of these complaints, immediately consult a doctor for further treatment.

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