Know the Reason Why Laughter Can Relieve Stress

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Know the Reason Why Laughter Can Relieve Stress
Know the Reason Why Laughter Can Relieve Stress

Laughter is known as the easiest way to relieve stress. Not only that, laughter also has a variety of other he alth benefits. So, how can laughter have a good impact on one's mental he alth? Find the answer in the following article

Stress is a common condition and can be caused by many things, from family problems, work pressures, romantic relationships, to financial problems. One way to release the stress you are experiencing is to laugh.

Know the Reason Why Laughter Can Relieve Stress - Alodokter

Laughter can make you feel happier, so it can change a gloomy mood to be better and cheerful.

The Reason Laughter Can Relieve Stress

There are several reasons why laughter can reduce stress, including:

1. Produces endorphins

Laughter can trigger the body to release endorphins which act as sedatives and improve mood. In addition, laughter can also reduce the hormones cortisol and adrenaline that cause stress.

2. Gives a relaxing effect

Stress can cause the muscles of the body to tense up, so you will experience complaints of fatigue and lack of enthusiasm. Laughter is believed to make the muscles of the body more relaxed and stimulate blood circulation throughout the body, so that stress will be reduced.

3. Increase the supply of oxygen in the body

Laughter can increase the supply of oxygen-rich air to the lungs. This can relieve the stress you are experiencing. Therefore, if you are feeling short of breath due to stress, try to calm down and find something to make you laugh.

4. Increase heart rate

Laughter can increase heart rate and lower blood pressure. This will make your mood will improve and be more relaxed, so that stress will subside.

5. Improving the quality of life

For people with certain diseases, undergoing treatment for a long time can cause fatigue and stress. Laughter is believed to make a person feel more receptive to difficult situations and connect with others.

Therefore, laughter can also be used as therapy for cancer patients to be more enthusiastic about undergoing a series of treatments.

Tips for Finding Good Laughter Sources

Although it has a stress-relieving effect, laughter also needs boundaries so that it becomes a positive activity and doesn't hurt the feelings of others around you. Here are tips for finding sources of jokes so you can laugh:

  • You can watch cartoons, read comics, or watch comedy on the internet that can make you laugh when you are in a stressful situation.
  • Tell your family or friends funny stories when you get together, it can build a more cheerful atmosphere so you can laugh easily.
  • Try playing with pets as their behavior can sometimes make you laugh.
  • Exchange short messages or funny pictures with friends.
  • Know what's funny or not, for example, don't laugh at other people's stories.

After laughing, you might be able to find another perspective on your stress. This can push you through other difficult times and build positive thoughts.

However, if you often experience stress and find it difficult to deal with this condition, you should consult a psychologist or psychiatrist, especially if you suffer from certain he alth problems. A psychiatrist or psychologist will evaluate and determine treatment according to your condition.

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