3 Months Pregnant: Baby Begins to Hear

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3 Months Pregnant: Baby Begins to Hear
3 Months Pregnant: Baby Begins to Hear

If you intend to listen to music to the fetus, pregnant women can start it when they are 3 months pregnant. The reason is, at this time, the fetus is able to hear sounds and conversations, both the pregnant woman's voice and other sounds from outside the pregnant woman's stomach, you know

At the age of 3 months pregnant or when entering the second trimester of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage has decreased compared to the previous months.

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At this time, the symptoms of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, generally have also begun to decrease in appearance. Along with this, pregnant women will more easily adjust to body changes.

Fetal Growth During 3 Months Pregnant

When pregnant women enter 3 months pregnant, the fetus generally weighs about 23 grams with a length of approximately 7.4 cm. This number will increase every week along with the development of the fetal organs.

The following is a complete explanation of fetal development at 3 months of gestation or week 13 to week 16:

13th week

In this week, the fetus has grown to the size of a lemon. Apart from that, there are various other developments that have occurred, namely:

  • Ovaries in female fetuses or testes in male fetuses have developed.
  • External genital organs have formed, but cannot be detected by ultrasound.
  • Fetus can start to hiccup, even though pregnant women can't feel it. This is a sign that he is practicing breathing.
  • Fetus can start sucking. This is a preparation so that he can find the nipple and suckle properly when he is born.
  • About 2 million eggs will form in the ovaries of a female fetus.

14th week

In this week, the fetus weighs about 43 grams with a length of approximately 8.7 cm. In this week too, the size of the fetus's body will grow rapidly accompanied by other developments, such as:

  • The fetus begins to swallow the amniotic fluid little by little. This fluid then enters the stomach and is processed by the kidneys, then flowed back as urine.
  • The size of the arms is more proportional to the size of the body.
  • The liver begins to produce bile.
  • The spleen begins to produce red blood cells.
  • Hair starts to grow.
  • Facial muscles begin to make certain expressions, such as squinting, frowning, and grinning.

15th Sunday

The weight of the fetus at the 15th week has reached 70 grams with a length of approximately 10 cm. At this time, the fetus has started to hear sounds, such as the sound of the digestive system, heartbeat, and the sound of pregnant women.

Not only that, several other developments have also occurred this week, for example:

  • Fetal ears continue to develop and begin to look like adult human ears.
  • The eyes of the fetus slowly begin to move, from the right and left of the head so that they are closer to the top of the nose.
  • The baby's eyes are still closed but are starting to be sensitive to light from outside the stomach.
  • The fetus often hiccups, but won't make a sound because its throat is full of fluid.

16th week

In this week, the fetal body weight has reached approximately 100 grams with a length of 11 cm. It is about the size of an avocado. At 16 weeks pregnant, pregnant women may already be able to feel a subtle kick from the little one.

Other fetal growth and development that will also occur this week include:

  • The muscles in the face are starting to form, but the fetus cannot control it yet.
  • The nervous system begins to develop, so the muscles in the limbs can move.
  • Head starts to straighten.
  • The eyes are already on the face, not on the sides of the head.
  • The heart is able to pump about 28 liters of blood.

Changes in Pregnant Body During 3 Months Pregnant

If in the first 2 months of pregnancy pregnant women often feel morning sickness, at the age of 3 months pregnant women will probably feel he althier and more comfortable. Sexual arousal that may have dropped in early pregnancy can also return to normal.

However, if pregnant women are still reluctant or feel uncomfortable to have sex, this is also normal, really.

In addition, at the age of 3 months of pregnancy, stretch marks may begin to appear on the upper abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and breasts.However, the appearance of these lines on the skin will usually be more visible towards the third trimester of pregnancy. Pregnant women may also begin to experience skin changes called pregnancy glow.

When you are 3 months pregnant, pregnant women's breasts will also feel firmer and bigger to prepare for the production of breast milk (ASI). At this time, pregnant women's stomachs have started to look bigger.

Although pregnant women don't need to wear maternity clothes yet, pregnant women can start to wear looser and more comfortable everyday clothes.

Some Things to Check When Pregnant 3 Months

In addition to checking the he alth of pregnant women and fetal growth with ultrasound regularly, there are several conditions that pregnant women also need to see a doctor when they are 3 months pregnant. For example, if pregnant women feel pain when urinating or urine is dark yellow and smells not like usual.

Because, as the size of the uterus increases and hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, pregnant women's urine flow may be slightly obstructed.This can increase the risk of urinary tract infections. If not treated properly, this can lead to kidney infections in pregnant women.

Then, during pregnancy, having a headache is also normal. However, if pregnant women feel unbearable and persistent headaches, this also needs to be checked, pregnant women, because this can be a symptom of a serious illness, such as preeclampsia.

Pregnant women need to know too, that pregnancy hormones can also change the shape of the appearance of moles that pregnant women have. Generally, this is nothing to worry about, but pregnant women should still see a doctor, especially if the mole is rapidly growing, has an uneven shape, bleeds, or appears to be prominent on the skin.

Things to Pay Attention to When 3 Months Pregnant

Here are things to pay attention to when 3 months pregnant:

Have sex

Sexual arousal that begins to return to normal after 2 months of early pregnancy actually doesn't need to be dammed. The reason is, the fetus is protected by amniotic fluid in the uterus, so having sex during pregnancy is not dangerous.

However, sexual intercourse should be avoided if:

  • Amniotic fluid leaks or breaks.
  • The pregnant woman has a history of miscarriage or giving birth to a premature baby.
  • Pregnant women experience abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge.
  • Pregnant women suffer from placenta previa or the placenta is too low.
  • The pregnant woman suffers from cervical disorders.
  • Couple suffers from a sexually transmitted disease.

S stretch mark

As previously mentioned, at the age of 3 months pregnant, stretch marks may appear on the skin of pregnant women.

Exercise lightly and apply lotion containing vitamin E and AHA can disguise and lighten stretch marks. However, in general, this condition of skin changes can go away on its own after childbirth, really.

Food consumed

Morning sickness that pregnant women experienced in the previous 2 months may affect their appetite and diet. Along with the reduction in morning sickness during 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women have started to be able to eat delicious food that is nutritionally balanced.

Make sure pregnant women consume foods and drinks that are rich in calcium, protein, iron, and folic acid, yes. If necessary, pregnant women can supplement their nutritional intake by taking pregnancy supplements according to doctor's recommendations.

Sleeping position

Lying on your side is the most comfortable and he althy sleeping position for pregnant women. In addition, pregnant women can also use additional pillows to make their sleeping position more comfortable.If necessary, ask your husband for help to give a massage to relieve the aches that pregnant women experience.

When you are 3 months pregnant, even though the risk of miscarriage has decreased, pregnant women still need to be aware of this, yes. Some signs of miscarriage that pregnant women need to pay attention to include bleeding with clots or tissue, weakness, and cramps or pain in the lower abdomen.

If pregnant women still have questions about being pregnant at the age of 3 months, for example regarding pregnancy symptoms that pregnant women feel or other tips for having a he althy pregnancy, don't hesitate to consult with your doctor.

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