Be careful, eating junk food while pregnant is risky

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Be careful, eating junk food while pregnant is risky
Be careful, eating junk food while pregnant is risky

Along with an increased appetite, junk food is often the choice of pregnant women to fulfill their appetite. In fact, this type of food is actually not recommended for pregnant women because it can pose a risk to the development of the fetus

The hormonal changes that occur in pregnant women often make them want various kinds of food that can spoil the tongue, aka cravings. One of the foods that pregnant women often crave is junk food.

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Junk food or fast food is known for its tempting taste and smell. However, there is a reason why these foods are labeled junk or “junk” and should be avoided, including by pregnant women.

The Right Reasons to Avoid Junk Food While Pregnant

Junk food consumed by pregnant women can harm the he alth of the baby they are carrying. The following are some reasons why babies in the womb will lose money if pregnant women eat fast food:

1. Does not provide the necessary nutrients

Fast food generally does not contain enough nutrients needed for the growth and development of babies, including the formation of important organs and the immune system.

If the food that enters the mother's body continues to be low in nutrients, there can be disturbances in the baby's growth process.

2. Increase the risk of allergies

Most junk food contains a lot of carbohydrates and sugar. According to research, women who consume a lot of sugar during pregnancy are more at risk of having children who have allergies or asthma.

3. Increases the risk of birth defects

In addition to being high in carbohydrates and sugar, junk food is also popular for its high fat content. An animal study showed that consumption of a high-fat diet during pregnancy increased the risk of a child being born with defects. Even so, this has not been proven in humans.

4. Increase the risk of addiction

The results of other animal studies show that mothers who eat lots of foods high in fat and sugar, such as junk food, can be said to be "programming" their children to become addicted to these foods.

Other studies also support the above statement. In another study, it was found that the consumption of high-fat foods during pregnancy can increase the risk of neuropsychiatric disorders, one of which is addiction.Although further research is needed, this should be a note for pregnant women.

5. At risk of obesity

Other clinical trials have also shown that most babies born to mothers who are accustomed to consuming junk food since pregnancy are overweight. This will also increase the risk of him becoming obese in childhood, as well as as an adult.

In addition to having a bad impact on the baby, consuming too much junk food can also make pregnant women more at risk of experiencing he alth problems, such as fatigue, stomach ulcers, and diabetes. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy will also cause stretch marks that are difficult to remove after giving birth.

Tips to Avoid Junk Food for Pregnant Women

To avoid the dangers of fast food, here are some things you can do:

Get used to breakfast every day

Starting the day with good nutrition can reduce the desire to eat unhe althy snacks in the following hours. For this reason, pregnant women are recommended to eat he althy foods, such as boiled eggs, apples, whole grain cereals, or a glass of milk at breakfast.

Preparing he althy snacks

Prepare he althy snacks during pregnancy that can be consumed at any time when you feel hungry. This is important to avoid the urge to order junk food when hunger strikes suddenly.

Exercise regularly

Exercising lightly during pregnancy is the best way to curb hunger and distract from overeating. Some of the recommended sports for pregnant women, including pregnancy exercise, Kegel exercises, yoga, and leisurely walks.

Avoiding the temptation to eat junk food for pregnant women is not an easy matter, especially when pregnant women are craving these foods. However, as a solution, you can look for alternative menus that are more nutritious.

For example, if you really want to eat french fries, you can replace them with potatoes or sweet potatoes that are steamed or baked with spices to taste. If you want to eat junk food fried chicken, you can replace it with flourless fried chicken or grilled chicken.

Eating he althy food during pregnancy is an important step to prepare a he althy baby with good brain and immune development. To get more complete information about he althy eating patterns during pregnancy, you can consult a doctor.

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