How To Get Pregnant Fast After Menstruation Is Here

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How To Get Pregnant Fast After Menstruation Is Here
How To Get Pregnant Fast After Menstruation Is Here

Having children is one of the hopes of most married couples. How to get pregnant quickly after menstruation can be used as an effort to achieve this goal

Basically, pregnancy requires the fertilization process, namely the meeting of the egg and sperm. A woman's body has a marker that can be recognized as the fertile period before menstruation. The fertile period is the right time to unite the egg and sperm.

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Recognizing the Menstrual Cycle

How to get pregnant fast after menstruation can be done by knowing the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is the number of days from the first day of your period to the first day of your next period. By counting the cycle, the fertile period can be known, which is when a woman ovulates or releases an egg from the ovary.

Women with a 28-day menstrual cycle will have 6 fertile days, namely 5 days before ovulation and 1 day during ovulation. At that time the chances of getting pregnant are higher.

Menstrual cycle can change every month. For that, you need to record your menstrual cycle for several months. Mark the first day of menstruation as day 1. From the menstrual cycle records for several months, you can find out the shortest and longest menstrual cycles. Once you know your menstrual cycle, you can estimate your fertile period.

How to Calculate Fertile Period

After knowing the period of the shortest and longest menstrual cycle from recording a minimum of 8 months, you only need to adjust to a simple formula to find out how to calculate the fertile period.

  • Shortest cycle minus 18 days. The result is the first day of your fertile period. For example, the shortest cycle is 27 days. Then the first day of the fertile period is the 9th day.
  • The longest cycle minus 11 The result is the last day of your fertile period. For example, the longest cycle is 30 days. Then the last day of fertile period is the 19th day

The days between these two dates are the fertile period that has a higher chance of getting pregnant. In the example above, it means that the fertile period is between the 9th day to the 19th day.

Observing Cervical Mucus Signs of Fertility

Cervical fluid or mucus after menstruation can also be a marker of the fertile period as a quick way to get pregnant after menstruation. Cervical mucus will experience changes in texture and color. The amount of fluid that appears also depends on hormone levels. To find out the appearance of cervical mucus, can be done in several ways, can use a tissue or finger to reach the position of the cervix.

After your period, there may be very little cervical mucus or it may appear cloudy and sticky. At this time is not the right time to achieve pregnancy.

Then, cervical mucus will turn clearer and smoother, almost like egg white. When this mucus is more and more, it means you are getting closer to your fertile period.

Three days later, cervical mucus appears that can be stretched to resemble threads, you can try it with your fingers. A day or two after that, cervical mucus will increase in volume and have a slippery texture. In fact, it is not uncommon to make underwear wet. This is the fertile period that can be used to support how to get pregnant quickly after menstruation.

If the menstrual cycle is short, the fertile period of cervical mucus will start shortly after menstruation is over. However, if the menstrual cycle is long, then the period when cervical mucus is light or sticky will be longer, before mucus appears which indicates the fertile period.

Actions That Can Support Pregnancy

To support how to get pregnant quickly after your period, there are several actions you can take, namely:

  • Perform sexual activity regularly, 2-3 times per week.
  • To increase the chances of getting pregnant, have sex once a day, before the fertile period.
  • Apply a he althy lifestyle by maintaining an ideal body weight, doing regular exercise, and eating he althy foods.
  • Folic acid is very important for fetal development. Taking vitamins that contain folic acid can also be done since planning a pregnancy.
  • Leave unhe althy habits, such as smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and over-the-counter drugs without recommendations
  • Avoid using vaginal lubricating products because some of these products can reduce fertility.
  • Also avoid excessive exercise. Studies show that women who are not overweight do high-intensity aerobic exercise for more than five hours per week, their fertility can be impaired.

How to get pregnant quickly after menstruation as described above, still requires patience from the wife and husband. If necessary, consult your pregnancy planning with your obstetrician.

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