Drop Berok Don't Take It For granted, Know the Right Handling

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Drop Berok Don't Take It For granted, Know the Right Handling
Drop Berok Don't Take It For granted, Know the Right Handling

Descent can be experienced by anyone, including babies and adults. This condition causes discomfort, even pain that can interfere with daily activities. Proper handling needs to be done to prevent complications

Descending, or medically called hernia disease, is a condition in which internal organs protrude through gaps in the muscles or supporting tissues in the body.

Do not take it lightly, know the right treatment - Alodokter

This condition is caused by weakening of the muscles or tissues that support the body's organs. Descending can occur in the stomach, navel, and groin.

Symptoms and Factors Causing Menopause

A person who has had a bowel movement will usually feel a lump in a certain body part. These lumps sometimes can be pushed back into the body, but some are not.

The lump will be felt when standing, bending, laughing, straining when defecating, or coughing. In babies who suffer from hemorrhoids, usually a lump will appear when the child is crying.

The appearance of a herniated lump can be accompanied by pain. This pain can occur when resting or doing certain activities, such as walking, running, or lifting weights.

There are several risk factors that can cause a person to be more at risk of getting pregnant, including:

  • The habit of lifting heavy weights
  • Frequent straining, for example due to constipation or difficulty urinating
  • Chronic Cough
  • Accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity or ascites
  • History of injury or have had surgery in the area where the hernia appeared
  • Pregnancy
  • Sudden weight gain
  • History of disease passed down in the family

If there are symptoms of hemorrhoids accompanied by the causative factors, the doctor will perform a physical examination to find a lump. If necessary, the doctor will suggest an examination with a CT scan, abdominal MRI, or endoscopy.

Meanwhile, in infants or children, generally supporting examinations are carried out using ultrasound.

Decreased Handling

The treatment that can be given to sufferers of hemorrhoids is quite diverse. However, the only effective treatment for hemorrhoids is surgery. Regarding the need for surgery, this depends on the size and severity of the lump.

However, there are some tips that you can try to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, including:

  • Consumption of high-fiber foods, such as vegetables and fruit
  • Avoid foods that can cause stomach acid reflux, such as spicy foods and tomatoes
  • Exercise regularly as recommended by the doctor to maintain an ideal body weight, but avoid exercising with heavy weights
  • Stop smoking because it can cause chronic cough and increase the risk of getting sick
  • Avoid lifting excess weight

If the condition does not improve or causes other complaints, such as pain or the lump is getting bigger, doctors will generally recommend hernia surgery. In addition, surgery is mandatory if it descends or the hernia has progressed to a strangulated hernia.

A strangulated hernia is a dangerous descending condition because it can cause tissue damage to the herniated organ. This is caused by the obstruction of blood flow to the tissue due to being pinched in the hernia gap.

Downing in stools can be said to be dangerous if accompanied by other symptoms, such as severe pain, bruising or redness in the herniated area, bloating, constipation, bloody stools, nausea, vomiting, and fever.

If you feel a lump on a part of your body due to vaginal bleeding, especially with these severe symptoms, you should consult a doctor further to get the appropriate treatment.

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