7 Months Baby: Start Crawling

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7 Months Baby: Start Crawling
7 Months Baby: Start Crawling

Baby 7 months generally have started trying to crawl by trying to balance his hands and knees. This activity is also a preparation so that his body muscles can be stronger for walking later

The normal weight of a 7-month-old baby boy is 6.7–10 kg, with a length of about 65–73 cm. Meanwhile, 7-month-old female babies weigh an average of 6–9.5 kg, with a length of approximately 63–71.5 cm. At this age, babies are usually active and enjoy exploring the world around them.

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Motor Skills for 7 Months Baby

Most of the 7-month-old babies will start learning to crawl, but some will immediately learn to walk without going through the crawling phase. Among babies who learn to crawl, there are also those who do not crawl forward, but backward. This is normal for babies.

Baby 7 months can also turn around and straighten his back to be able to sit longer. Babies also begin to be able to organize and group toys into small or large size categories.

Before the baby starts crawling, make sure the floor is always clean and pay attention to where the furniture in the house is in a safe position. For babies who are starting to learn to walk, it is better to avoid using a baby walker, because this tool has the risk of causing accidents to the baby.

To train the motor skills of your little one who is 7 months old, you can invite him to play.Place one of the toys on the floor, covering it with a cloth. Open the cloth while saying with a happy expression, “This is it!”, then close again and repeat. He will love to notice things that are lost and reappear, over and over again.

At this age, Mothers have also begun to be able to reduce the use of baby bottles and begin to introduce a baby drinking cup (sippy cup) with 2 handles on the side and a muzzle or conical part that makes it easy for your little one to drink. The earlier he is introduced to drinking cups, the easier it will be for him to stop using a bottle.

Communication Skills for 7 Months Baby

The memory of a 7-month-old baby is functioning properly and the baby can remember familiar sounds. He can also say simple vocabulary, such as 'ma - ma' or 'pa - pa'.

In addition to starting to chatter, a 7-month-old baby can also understand the prohibition against doing something when his parents say 'no'.

At this age too, your little one can read your mother's expressions, voice intonation, and body movements when communicating with her. He will also become more expressive and begin to imitate other people's expressions.

For example, he may follow when people around him applaud, or he may cry when Mother speaks loudly to him. So, take this opportunity to instill the value of kindness, because your little one will observe and imitate how you treat other people.

Social Skills of 7 Months Baby

Baby 7 months have started to refuse to follow directions. If so, tell your little one what is good and not to do. For example, he may not throw toys, tear books, or put dirty objects in his mouth.

However, remember that he doesn't fully understand or remember everything you said. So, just say “No”, if your little one does something inappropriate, then distract him.

In interpersonal relationships, a 7-month-old baby can already feel anxious, especially if a stranger approaches him. A 7-month-old baby can also cry when his mother is not nearby or out of sight. This shows that he is starting to understand the environment around him.

Other Things to Pay Attention to

Teething in babies generally begins to occur at the age of 4-7 months. These teethings can make a baby's gums itch, so he's constantly putting his hand or an object he's holding in his mouth and biting. At this time he will salivate more.

To relieve the itching that your little one feels, there is a type of teether toy, which does function to be bitten. Make sure the teether is always clean before use. In addition to giving a teether, Mother can give cold fruit that has been mashed to help reduce itching in her teeth.

In daily activities, a 7-month-old baby will like a consistent routine, such as the routine of being read a fairy tale or singing a song every night before going to bed. This helps him to relax and fall asleep quickly.

If the ability of the 7 month baby mentioned above has not been experienced by your little one, you don't need to worry too much. This is because the development of each child is different and unique. However, if you are worried or want to make sure your little one's growth and development runs smoothly, don't hesitate to consult a doctor.

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