9 Month Babies: Can Respond and Socialize

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9 Month Babies: Can Respond and Socialize
9 Month Babies: Can Respond and Socialize

A 9-month-old baby is increasingly able to understand the words spoken by the people around him, and will try to respond with words as well. In addition, the 9-month-old baby's social skills are also increasing

9 month baby boys generally weigh around 7.2–10.9 kg, with a length of 67.7–76.2 cm. While 9 month old baby girls usually weigh around 6.6–10.4 kg, with a length of 65.6–74.7 cm.

9 Months Baby: Can Respond and Socialize - Alodokter

Motor Skills for 9 Months Baby

In general, 9-month-old babies need a spacious and safe space to move, such as crawling, standing, and exploring their surroundings. This is because he can already do various things, such as:

  • Removing objects from the toy box and happy to move toys from one place to another
  • Points at objects with his index finger, and tries to reach various objects and pay attention to how they work, for example a cell phone that makes a sound
  • Lifting something with your thumb and forefinger, and moving things from one hand to another with ease
  • Putting object in mouth
  • Bending his knees to sit from a standing position. This can usually be done since he was 8 months old
  • Crawls very actively, even being able to hold a toy with one hand while crawling on both knees and the other hand
  • Change positions quickly, starting from a sitting position, crawling, then turning around to pick up toys
  • Explore the room on foot slowly while holding on to a sofa, table, or other furniture

Considering that your little one is getting more and more active, Mother should keep away from various objects that pose a risk to her safety, such as medicines, sharp objects, cleaning fluids, electrical plugs, and sharp edges of furniture.

In addition, if your little one uses socks while playing, make sure to choose socks with rubber mats, yes, Bun, to avoid the risk of your little one falling because it's slippery.

Communication Skills for 9 Months Baby

As mentioned earlier, a 9 month old baby is getting better at understanding words and will try to respond with words too.

For example, when Mother asks, “What is that sound?”, he could point at the phone that was ringing. Likewise when Mother asks, "Where is the ball?" He can already point to the object in question.

On the other hand, a 9-month-old baby can also understand prohibitions and the word 'no', although sometimes he still violates them.

Even though he is only 9 months old, you can already apply simple rules to your little one, such as 'don't slam toys' or 'wash your hands before eating' to get him used to distinguishing between good and bad things.

A 9 month baby can already say longer words, such as 'papa - papa' or 'baba - baba', or pronounce a word correctly. He is also able to imitate the sounds and movements of people around him, and has begun to be able to convey his desire to drink milk or eat solid food.

Social Skills for 9 Months Baby

As his consciousness grows, at the age of 9 months, you will see your little one react to certain situations that were previously not a problem for him, such as being afraid when the room lights are turned off or crying when you go to work.

At this age, babies are at the peak of feeling uncomfortable when they are not with their parents or closest people. However, the good news is that 9-month-old babies generally won't fuss or cry for long periods of time, as their attention can be easily distracted.

So, if you are going to take your little one out of the house, you should prepare a picture book, hand puppet, or a toy that can make sounds to distract him, when he is feeling uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, there are also 9-month-old babies who enjoy being the center of attention and making those around them laugh. He can make sounds or movements that can attract attention and invite laughter.

When eating, maybe he will be happy to give his food to other people. If so, accept the gift with a smile, because it will make him happy.

Other Things to Pay Attention to

In addition to their well-developed motor and social skills, generally a 9-month-old baby can also:

  • Remembers specific things, such as where the toys are stored
  • Imitates things he sees, even if they happened the week before, such as remembering how to play with an object. This indicates that his short term memory has started to work
  • Knows the things that belong to him, so he will react when someone takes his stuff

Mothers also need to remember that at the age of 9 months, the neural network in the baby's brain will be connected rapidly. Mothers can support the development of the Little One by providing good stimulation, so that he can learn faster and know more.

Stimulation does not need to be done with expensive objects or activities. Daily activities, such as singing, dancing, reading fairy tales, and inviting him to interact with other people have become sufficient stimulation to support his development.

When does a 9-month-old baby need to be consulted to a doctor?

Every child's development is different. However, Mother is advised to consult a doctor, if your little one who is 9 months old shows some of the following:

  • Unable to sit with assistance
  • Not responding when his name is called or when there is a loud noise
  • Unable to stand and support own weight while holding on or without assistance
  • Can't chatter
  • Does not recognize family members or people with whom he is with every day
  • Not paying attention to the direction pointed
  • Unable to move objects from one hand to another
  • Unable to play with other people

It should also be borne in mind that babies born prematurely generally develop more slowly than children their age.So, if your little one is born prematurely or has certain medical conditions, you should also ask your doctor about the ideal growth and development benchmark for your little one.

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