Signs Childbirth Is Near

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Signs Childbirth Is Near
Signs Childbirth Is Near

Paying attention to the emergence of signs of childbirth is important for pregnant women so that they can prepare and be prepared for childbirth. Therefore, let's recognize the signs that childbirth is imminent

Despite having a due date (HPL), in fact only a few pregnant women give birth on the day of their due date. Therefore, pregnant women need to pay attention to the signs of childbirth which can generally start from 3 weeks before the due date until 2 weeks after.

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Signs of Childbirth to Watch for

Signs before labor can be different for every pregnant woman. Here are the most common signs of childbirth:

1. Difficulty sleeping

A disturbed night's sleep and feelings of restlessness can be one of the signs that childbirth is approaching. Therefore, as much as possible, try to get pregnant women to sleep or rest during the day, because pregnant women definitely need energy during labor.

2. More frequent urination

A few weeks or days before delivery, the baby will descend into the pregnant woman's pelvic cavity. This condition will make the uterus press against the bladder, so that pregnant women will urinate more often than usual.

3. Emotional changes

Usually pregnant women will feel emotional changes a few days before giving birth, for example irritability or moody, just like the period when they are about to menstruate.

4. Pain or pain

These are also signs that childbirth is imminent. Before giving birth, pregnant women may feel pain or cramping in the back, stomach, or cramps like the pain felt when approaching menstruation, but more painful.

5. Fake contraction

These contractions are known as Braxton-Hicks contractions or tummy tucks that come and go. Generally, these contractions last 30–120 seconds, do not occur regularly, and may disappear when the pregnant woman changes position or relaxes.

In addition, false contractions are usually only felt in the abdomen or pelvis, while true contractions are usually felt in the lower back and then move to the front of the abdomen.

Actually, Braxton-Hicks contractions can be felt since 16 weeks of pregnancy, but these contractions will feel stronger and more frequent as you approach delivery.

6. Thick mucus mixed with blood coming out of the vagina

During pregnancy, the cervix is ​​covered by thick mucus. However, as labor approaches, the cervix dilates and softens to form a passageway for the baby to emerge.

At the same time, cervical mucus will come out through the vagina. The color of this mucus can vary, ranging from clear, pink, or slightly bloody. This mucus can come out slowly so that it looks like a large amount of vaginal discharge, or it can come out immediately in a single unit.

7. ruptured amniotic fluid

The signs of childbirth that most people know are the rupture of the amniotic fluid. Most pregnant women will feel the contractions before the water breaks, but there are also those who experience the rupture of the membranes first. When this happens, labor will usually follow.

Things to Prepare When Approaching Childbirth

When entering the 9th month of pregnancy, pregnant women should have prepared all the equipment needed during childbirth. So, when the amniotic fluid breaks or contractions occur, pregnant women can immediately rush to the hospital while carrying the equipment.

The equipment that pregnant women need to bring includes:

  • Bag with clothes and toiletries
  • Baby supplies
  • Snacks
  • Comfortable pillows and blankets
  • Books, magazines, or other items that can accompany pregnant women waiting for childbirth
  • Video camera with fully charged battery and charger, if pregnant women want to capture the moment of giving birth

In addition to childbirth equipment, pregnant women also have to determine who will accompany them during childbirth. Pregnant women can choose their husbands, parents, siblings, or friends. Make sure they are ready to accompany pregnant women when labor begins.

Knowing the signs of giving birth is very important for mothers-to-be, especially those who are planning to give birth vaginally, because delivery times cannot be set and do not always match predictions. That way, pregnant women can be better prepared for childbirth.

However, if pregnant women do not feel any signs of giving birth even though it has passed the predicted date, immediately consult a doctor so that it can be determined whether labor needs to be carried out immediately or not.

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