Facts about the female clitoris and the right way to stimulate it

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Facts about the female clitoris and the right way to stimulate it
Facts about the female clitoris and the right way to stimulate it

The female sex organ has various layers and parts. A woman's clitoris is an important part, given its role in triggering orgasm. The shape of the clitoris is a bulge located in the middle, at the top of the vulva, precisely at the junction between the lips of the vagina

The clitoris is a part of the female reproductive organ which plays an important role in sexual intercourse. It can be said, women find it difficult to reach orgasm if the clitoris is not stimulated properly.

Facts about the female clitoris and the right way to stimulate it - Alodokter

When a woman's clitoris is touched, her nerves immediately create impulses that are sent to the brain. The brain will then give a signal back to the vagina to increase blood flow and the production of natural lubricants that make penetration into the penis painless and can be enjoyed by both women and partners.

Various Facts About Women's Clitoris

Here are some facts about the female clitoris that may not be widely known:

1. The clitoris is similar to the penis

The female clitoris is the size of a pea, which is made up of pink tissue. Actually the part that looks pink is only the outside.

Although it is much smaller in size, the anatomical structure of the female clitoris is similar to that of the male penis. The litoris and penis actually come from the same structure when they were embryonic.But in men, this structure develops into the penis, while in women it develops into the clitoris.

Both of these organs have a lot of nerves, which is up to 8,000 nerves. This number is more than the number of nerves in other parts of the body. That is why the clitoris is very sensitive or sensitive to stimulation when stimulated.

2. Clitoris can be erect

Not many people know that a woman's clitoris can have an erection, just like a penis. The clitoris has a fold of skin called the prepuce. This fold of skin covers the tip of the clitoris, much like the foreskin covers the tip of the penis. When stimulated, the tip of the clitoris can be erect, although the erection of the clitoris is not as noticeable due to its small size.

3. The clitoris is bigger than it looks

So far, people think that a woman's clitoris is only as small as it seems. When in fact there is still a part that extends to the back, namely on the upper side of the inner wall of the vagina, approximately 9 cm long.Seeing this fact, means that you can also stimulate this part to reach orgasm.

4. The clitoris is not always stimulated during sexual intercourse

The location and function of a woman's clitoris which is often unknown can make it difficult for women to experience orgasm during sexual intercourse. In fact, the signals sent by the clitoris when stimulated can make sexual intercourse more comfortable and satisfying.

Not only that, the clitoris also plays a role in reproductive function, you know. The signal back from the brain to the vagina that appears because the clitoris is stimulated can support the activation of sperm to fertilize an egg. This means that without the clitoris, a person's fertility can decrease.

5. Thanks to the clitoris, women can orgasm without penetration

Women actually deserve to be happy because to reach orgasm, you don't always have to have sexual intercourse by means of penetration. Only by stimulating the clitoris, a partner can make you achieve satisfaction.

The Right Clitoral Stimulation

Making love can establish emotional and physical closeness between you and your partner. Well, one way to achieve satisfaction during sex is to stimulate the clitoris appropriately.

The following are ways to stimulate the clitoris:

Choosing the right sex position

The right sex position will make it easier for women to reach orgasm. Below are the best sex positions to stimulate the clitoris:

  • Doggy style

    This sex position is a good choice for women to reach orgasm. The position of the partner who is behind can make it easier for the clitoris to be aroused.

  • Woman on top

    In this position, the woman's body is above the man's, so the woman has control to be able to direct the sensitive points of her body to get the right stimulation. enough.Couples can put their hands around the woman's pelvis so that during penetration, the clitoris can be stimulated.

  • Missionary position

    Actually the missionary position (women below and men above) is the most difficult position for women to reach orgasm. However, men can get around this by conditioning his chest to be higher above the woman's shoulders. This position makes the clitoris more stimulated, so that orgasm can be achieved.

Doing oral sex or fingering

In addition to choosing the right sex position, clitoral stimulation can be maximized with oral sex or with the help of a partner's fingers, both during foreplay, between penetrations, and towards the end of sexual intercourse. Most importantly, this method needs to be done gently and attentively so that both you and your partner feel comfortable.

Despite its small size, the clitoris has an important role in the functioning of the female reproductive system. The added value, this small organ can also maximize satisfaction during sex, thus making the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious and warm.

If you still have questions about the clitoris and its function in your sexual life, don't hesitate to consult a doctor.

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