Easy Tips for Caring for Beards for Men

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Easy Tips for Caring for Beards for Men
Easy Tips for Caring for Beards for Men

For some men, having a beard can be an expression of freedom and increase self-confidence. Unfortunately, beards do not grow beautifully just like that, they need care to look neat and he althy. Come on, find out easy tips for caring for a beard

Having a long beard is impressive for some people. However, without proper care, maintaining a beard can cause problems, as bacteria, viruses, dirt, and even mold can get trapped and thrive there. Therefore, proper beard care is important for men who decide they want to maintain a beard.

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Beard Care Tips

There is no prohibition against growing a beard until it is thick or trimming it short. However, the most important thing is to be able to take care of the beard to keep it looking neat and he althy.

Here's how to take care of your beard to keep it he althy:

1. Let the beard grow thick

If you really want to maintain a beard with a certain shape, you have to be patient to let the beard grow thick first for a few months. Trimming a beard too early is a common mistake because men usually can't stand the itching when hair starts to grow.

Once the beard grows to about 2–4 cm, you can start shaping it. However, some men are more difficult to grow a beard. If the beard doesn't grow evenly for 2-3 months, you should immediately shave it so it doesn't look messy.

2. Washing and moisturizing

Just like hair, beards also need to be washed or shampooed using shampoo several times a week. But remember, don't wash your beard with bar soap, OK!

You can also add conditioner after shampooing so that the beard is not stiff, soft and clean, and easy to manage. In addition, regular shampooing can also get rid of dandruff in the beard and make your beard look fuller.

You are also advised to use additional products such as creams, oils, or moisturizing lotions to rub into your beard and skin. In order not to cause clogged pores and trigger blackheads and acne, make sure the products you use are labeled non-comedogenic, OK!

3. Regularly shave the beard

You are advised to shave your beard every 2 months, even if you intend to lengthen it. The goal is to get rid of split ends. If you really want to keep your beard short, trim it every few weeks.

4. Implementing a he althy lifestyle

Then, what else can make your beard well groomed and he althy? The answer is your overall he alth that affects everything, including your beard.

The rate of beard growth and thickness is largely determined by genetic factors and the hormone testosterone. But maintaining a he althy lifestyle, for example with balanced nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest, can help your beard grow faster and he althier.

In addition, keep your hands clean before touching your beard and also pay attention to the cleanliness of your beard, especially after contact with animals. This can be a risk factor for tinea barbae, a fungal infection that can cause itchy and swollen beard skin and beard hair loss.

For some people, the appearance of the beard can be an important part, even prioritized over the overall appearance. If you are one of them, the tips above can help you achieve the maximum beard appearance.

But if you have trouble growing your beard, don't worry, you can consult a doctor for advice and treatment regarding beard growth.

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